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Shooting, "Not a Red 9"

Shooting, “Not a Red 9”

Somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek title. Freeze and I get the Red 9 out. This was the first time loading it with stripper clips on...
C96 Red 9 Mauser

Armory Chat 45 – C96 / Red 9 Mauser

We’ve been in the market for a shooter grade C96 for a while. But what made the quest even harder was we wanted it...

C96 Red 9 in The Armory

Figured I would show this. It’s a Mauser C96 chambered in 9mm Parabellum. Yes, the same caliber as your Glock 9x19 mags.  Every collection needs...

Broom-Handle Mauser: 30 Mauser or 9mm Luger?

One of my regular FFL stores popped up with a Broom-handle Mauser also known as the C96. I have been casually paying attention to...