Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Chainsaw Party 2018

Well…the 2018 Chainsaw party has come and gone. I don’t know I am getting older or if the logs are getting heavier, I suspect...

EP 110 – On the Road Heading in from Annual Chainsaw...

Episode 110 of the John1911 is a little different. In this edition, Freeze and I are recording together whole headed back in from the...

2016 Chainsaw Party Highlights

The 2016 Chainsaw party has come and gone. Winter wood has been cut. For those of you new to the blog, the rule is:...

2016 Chainsaw Party – Guns & Knives

This is a theme that our regulars know I touch on from time to time: Carry guns that people don’t actually carry. The internet...
Freeze and Marky's Pistols.

CCW Pistols, Rust and Hard Labor.

Do you carry all the time? 9x out of 10, looking at photos of your pistol, I can tell if you are lying. You...

2015 Chainsaw Party — Winter Firewood

One of the deals at our main hunting ground is you need to pitch in to cut winter firewood. It is desperately needed to...