Friday, September 24, 2021
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SHS 35 – Colt Anaconda Revolver

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we are going to class it up a bit. While at the same time, upping the...

Rant – Why I Don’t Care About Colt

Subject came up this week. The on-going dramas and failures of Colt as a business. While the subject of Colt might be popular fodder...

SHS 29: Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless (Type 3)

What we have here is something usual. Not because of what it is. But because of it’s condition. The dealer is not representing the...

POTD – Colt 1903 Pistol

The only reason I didn’t buy this pistol is because of the caliber: 32acp. That is not a caliber I support. Simple as that.  But..this...

SHS 13: Colt Official Police 

What we have here is a somewhat large revolver chambered in 38SPL. I do not know the date of manufacture for this handgun, but...

SHS 11 – Colt Army Special

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we have a revolver that was made by Colt in the hopes of getting a government...

Drill – Colt SP1 – VTAC 1-5

This vid is really more of a test than something standalone. We are picking out a place on the farm where we can easily...

That New Gun Range Smell: Colt SP1

Freeze and I are setting up some new ranges for different projects. This was a test on one of our private access roads that...

Video — Colt SP1 Upclose View

Ok. Since so many people wanted to see up-close images of the SP-1 put-together, here you go. You can clearly see the erosion at the...

Colt SP-1 Project is Complete

So the Colt SP-1 Project is complete. A parts gun from all over the country and it matches cosmetically, functions is with crappy ammo...

WW1 Colt Shadow Box

How I came to take possession of this old Colt is an interesting story in itself. One can't readily tell from this photograph, but...