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CZ 452 – A Very Accurate Rifle

Sometimes the subject comes up, “What’s my favorite all around 22 rifle?” For me, it’s the CZ 452? It’s small and handy enough to teach...

Quiet Time on the Range

Had the CZ 452 out at the range today. I was popping steel at 100 yards. Sometimes you just need to shoot for fun...

CZ 452 w/Bushnell Banner Scope

I have bragged on my CZ 452 for years. I topped it with a Bushnell Banner Scope and since the weather is getting nice,...
Old School Unertl Scope Adjustments

Winchester 52 First Shots

I picked up a Winchester 52c from an estate auction earlier this year. It's a pretty attractive setup and I was very lucky to...

Boresighting CZ 452

It seems I have more .22 competition coming. After posting the pics of our friends Kimber CMP rifle, Freeze has decided to pull out...