Sunday, December 5, 2021
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My Favorite 1911 Look

It’s probably a reflection of my age and generation, but I find the dark slide and stainless frame, 2-tone look to be about the...

Professional Photo Test 1

We had some professional photos taken of the John1911 reference collection. This was done to so what a non-pristine firearm would look like under...

Long Saturday

At 630am it was website updates. By 930am it was range time. By 2pm it was tractor service center to bring in busted range...

Ed Brown 1991 Catalog

We are going through some old boxes here at the John1911 armory. And look what turned up in the catalog boxes! A mint Ed Brown...

Ed Brown Extractor Testing

Ok. Have to check the logs, but there are somewhere around 1000 rounds through this gun. I have seen some indications the extractor wasn’t...

Blued Gun Wear

I took these photos a little while back. You see the wear on the magwell and mainspring housing? That is from just over a...

One-Reload-One 9mm 1911

Trying to shake down the Ed Brown 9mm AND get back up to speed on running a 1911 safety. So while this drill isn’t...

Surefire MR07 Light Rail

Back in the bad ole days, we didn’t have all the rail options you do now. As a matter of fact, most gun owners...

Fine Tuning Zero

One thing I have always liked about nice 1911s is how consistently one can shoot itty-bitty groups of the desire or need arises.  I have...

All Steel 9mm Handguns

So it seems the latest trend at the last few SHOT Shows is to take traditionally polymer framed guns and make them in all...

Internal vs External Extractors on 1911s

While setting up the reset rope on our new falling plate rack, I address my personal feelings about the internal vs external 1911 debate.  I...

Why I Don’t Like Bobtailed 1911s

This isn’t a decision I came to lightly. Or very quickly. It took me a few years and lots of shooting experience with a...

Armory Chat EP25 – Ivory Grips

My story about how I ended up with Ivory grips on a carry gun. How they worked out for a carry gun. And what...

Video — Don’t Flush Cut Your Pistol Barrel

Should you flush cut or recess cut the barrel on your pistol? From a practical standpoint, I am against this option completely.   Marky "Shooting Guns &...

POTD — 1911 Front Cocking Serrations

This image is a photoshop joke. Obviously. But it does a good job of illustrating the front cocking serration debate in the 1911 community....