Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Professional Photo Test 1

We had some professional photos taken of the John1911 reference collection. This was done to so what a non-pristine firearm would look like under...

Ed Brown 1991 Catalog

We are going through some old boxes here at the John1911 armory. And look what turned up in the catalog boxes! A mint Ed Brown...

Tuning Ed Brown Extractor

I kinda knew the Ed Brown was going to flame-out on the 10-8 performance function test. Because I have been shooting it for a...

Fine Tuning Zero

One thing I have always liked about nice 1911s is how consistently one can shoot itty-bitty groups of the desire or need arises.  I have...

POTD — Bringing Out The Old Girl

Carried this gun for 12 years. It’s been to hell and back. Hell! I’ve even hit a few people with it. Refinished twice I...