Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Jm Custom Kydex

Cracked JM Custom Kydex Holster

So while admin’ing my daily CCW, I noticed the holster has a crack in it. I felt like the holster’s screws were backing out...

New Single Stack Holster

My EDC holster is a AIWB rig from JM Custom Kydex. Been so happy with it, I decided to buy a second version for my...

Tenicor Holster

Editor’s note: Officer Mike is trying out a Tenicor holster system. Seems like a decent design. The clips used are VERY tough to remove. A...

Blackhawk T-Series & EDC X9L

So…Officer Mike stopped by and checked if the new Blackhawk 2011 Holster (T-Series) would accept my Wilson EDC X9L? It appears it might.  The hangup,...

Debugging a Holster

I am a big believer in dry-fire. Especially when shaking down new gear.  So today I am practicing with my new JM Custom Kydex AIWB...