Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Frank Proctor Sling - Way Of The Gun

Sling – 551a1

I have neglected accessorizing the SIG 551 for long enough. Over the next few weeks, I will start to change that. Today…was the start...
Keep Those Cans Tight. SCAR-20

Keep Those Cans Tight – SCAR-20

Doc sent these over from the range. Shooting his SCAR-20. 100 yards. —editor     Doc “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Always Save the Mojo. Pistol drills.

Always Save The Mojo

Outtake from a range session this weekend.  It’s goofy.  It’s short. And most of you it will be lost on.  However…I thought it was a good opportunity to...

Fine Tuning Zero

One thing I have always liked about nice 1911s is how consistently one can shoot itty-bitty groups of the desire or need arises.  I have...
The Truth About The NEOMAG

The Truth About The NEOMAG

Yeah, we’ve been playing with one of these for a little over a month. But I have somehow neglected to make any reference to...