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1911 Drill – Extended Prep or Press

Picked this up from Mike Seeklander. If you are interested in online firearms training, I suggest you look him up. He can explain this...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-238: He Went Around The Horn

Episode 238 of the John1911 podcast: Danny returns! She don’t move like no rookie. Anti-Cop Dems get robbed. BATFE switches to E-forms. The Daunte...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-237: Bought a French Sniper Rifle

Episode 237 of the John1911 podcast: Buying a French FRF2 Sniper. Send us questions. Is SHOT Show relevant? Bob Dole - Now it can...

Still The One

Still the one. Wilson EDC X9L —Marky #john1911 #edcx9l #edcx9 #9mm1911s #1911
Deer Season. Opening Weekend. 2021.

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Editor’s note: On opening weekend it appears the youngest amongst us have not only succeeded, but likely set the bar for the rest. Congratulations....

Giraffe Bone: Working Man’s Ivory

Ivory is as popular as ever, but the prices and restrictions are becoming larger and larger hurtles. There is a cheaper alternative however. —Editor       Freeze “Shooting...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-229: F. You, Pay Me!

Episode 229 of the John1911 Podcast is in the can: Freeze’s money payment system. “Let’s Go Branden”. ”Lieutenant Colonel Crazy. Is Gen. Mattis gay? ...
Rifle qualifications.

POTD – 50BMG Magazine

POTD - 50BMG Magazine At some point I am going to have to talk about the 50 we had on site. Probably not for a...
Pistol Box Drill

Old Man Runs Box Drill

It’s 97 degrees and every time I run, the damn PACT timer falls off! So even though there is not timer, at least I...
POTD - Beretta 92X

POTD – Cleaning Beretta 92x Performance

It’s fun to shoot ‘em. But ya gots to clean them. At least if you are going to check them back into the armory....
SIG 550 Aftermarket Trigger

SIG 551 Aftermarket Trigger Up-Close

By viewer request, here are up close images of the SIG 551 aftermarket trigger. No, it’s not a drop-in cartridge like some of the...
Bayonet Markings

Weird Bayonet Markings

This bayonet was spotted at our local FFL and I thought the conversation was worth sharing here.  Notice the notches in the handle? Interesting. Does...
Gas Adjustment Tool

Rusted FAL Tool

I am posting this as kind of a reality check. Sometimes I wonder how the reader viewers things around here.  “Those fancy people with all...
Carcano rifle

1891 Carcano Rifle

Cleaning up some old business. In addition to the Vetterli rifle, we also picked up another 6.5 Carcano chambered rifle: The 1891 Carcano.  What makes...
Sig 551a1 Green Furniture

SIG 551a1 – Green Furniture 

So we broke down and purchased all the Swiss Army green furniture for the US made SIG 551. Why? Simple. The black fore-end moves...