Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Walther P38 - Post War Production.

Walther P38

Per viewer request, we have pulled the Walther P38 out of The Armory and put some rounds through it.  This is a post WWII example,...
Browning Hi-Power Mk I*. MK 1*

Browning Hi-Power in Pakistan

Make: Browning  Model: Hi-Power. Variant: MK I* Caliber: 9mm (9x19) Location: Khyber Pass, Pakistan     Umar “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
More Remington Guns

More Remingtons

The estate I have been working with is sending over more guns to look at. Just a preview.    Freeze “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
French MAB Model D - Modele D

French MAB Model D Pistol

A French manufactured MAB Modele D pistol chambered in 7.65. Currently located in Pakistan. Umar “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Engraved Krinkov AK Khyber Pass Pakistan

Engraved Krinkov

Here is an engraved Krinkov pattern AK for sale in the Khyber Pass region of Pakistan. This is my first post to the website. I...
Remington New Police

Remington New Police

Remington New Police revolver in .36 caliber percussion and 38 caliber short; rimfire factory conversions. There have been approximately 25,000 of these made and to...
Remington M-95 & Saw Handle Derringers

Remington M-95 & Saw Handled Derringers

The Remington 2 Shot derringer commonly known as the M-95 Derringer was originally called the Remington -Elliot Derringer. It was made between 1866 and...

Benelli B76

As some of you have seen, we have finally picked up a Benelli B76 for the reference collection. Yes, it is shooter grade with...
The Guns of Covid

The Guns of Covid

During the initial COVID-19 shutdown, we noticed that the competition for collectable guns, at least at auction, has decreased.  So while we didn’t get any...
HK P9S Police Surplus.

HK P9S Police Surplus

Centerfire Systems was blowing out some foreign police surplus pistols. The HK P9S.  Don’t know much about these, but the price was too good to...
1858 Remington Rimfire Conversion

Remington 1858 Cartridge Conversion

Remington started converting the 1858 revolver to cartridge conversions in 1868. Due to patents held by Smith & Wesson on the bore thru cylinder;...
Browning Automatic Rifle Model D

Browning Automatic Rifle Model D

Took these photos while visiting the Cody Firearms Museum a while back. How often does one get to eye an uncommon BAR variant? The...
Remington 1875

Remington Model 1875 Single Action 

Also known as the “Improved Model Army Revolver” & the “Frontier Army”.   The 1875 Remington Improved Model Army was Remington's first cartridge handgun designated...
SHS 55: P38 Mauser Pistol. WWII Production.

SHS 55 – P38 Pistol by Mauser

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we have a German P38 pistol made by Mauser. WWII production. While not in like new...
SHS50 - S&W 629-1 Revolver

SHS 50: S&W 629-1

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase (SHS), we are looking at the stainless steel version of the Dirty Harry 44 Magnum. “The...