Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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The John1911 Podcast

EP-317: Murder Elf Captured

Episode 317 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   CBP captures the Murder Elf. Lauren Boebert acting the fool. Just stop it. Michelle Obama...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-316: Boobalicious For Congress

Episode 316 of the John1911 podcast:   LPVO for hunting. Major Armory updates. Buy estate guns. Liberty Safe boycot? Nancy Pelosi Wants to Run Again. ...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-313: Hello Swede Cheeks

Episode 313 of the John1911 podcast:   Swede Sniper Joke. Mailing List updates. Getting fired for a social media like? Armed Fisherman in Florida. Wilson...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-306: Walking Your Dog Down Lover’s Lane

Episode 306 of the John1911 Podcast:   You can't cover for the coach forever. Deteching CCW with thermal cameras. Is Joe Rogan keeping his podcast...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-305: Trail Mix Bullets

Episode 305 of the John1911 Podcast is live:   Grader blade works. Is Tucker in trouble? Trump is definitly in trouble. Bud Lite acted like...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-304: State Trooper Gives Him The BOHICA

Episode 304 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   Big media arong about The GOP House functioning. Danny predicts Trump & Tim Scott on...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-303: How to Work The Three Seashells?

Episode 303.   We are back. As you can see our content production sechedule took a necessary hit since a significant amont of bandwidth went into...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-300: Going to Jail Over A Straw

Episode 300 of the John1911 Podacst is now live:   7.3 Ford Gasser. H4+ buffer. Faxon barrel issues? Close call with tannerite. Tucker Carlson axed....
The John1911 Podcast

EP-299: 1911 Clone Wars

Episode 299 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   NRA Show 2023. Dan Wesson DWX. Thermal scopes. AR-15 buffer problems. Only shoot people who...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-297: Sig P320’s Blowing Up?

Episode 297 of the John1911 Podcast: Are SIG P320's blowing up regularly? Kidd Rock & his MP5. US Made RPG-7. Strip Bar Stories. Reloading...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-293: She Wants How Much?!?

Episode 293 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   $5000 bill results in $.03 payment. Rich guys payoff their girlfriends. The SVB Bank wrecks...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-291: Introducing The Kraken

Episode 291 of the John1911 podcast is now live. This episode is going to be a shade different than our normal ones. This is...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-288: Angus, King of the Midway!

Episode 288 of the John1911 podcast is now live.   Danny's sold gold iPhone 1. Surefire Turbo Lights. Chinese ISR balloon. Brazilian prefers SIG M17. ...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-287: Brace & Youtube Drama

Episode 287 of the John1911 podcast is a solo episode to do two things. One, address some industry specific topics. And two, to kind...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-286: Back on The River Styx

Episode 286 of the John1911 Postcast   Danny sees more jumpers. Don't fight for pistol braces, fight for SBR's off the NFA. Affordable nightvision from...