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Ironcraft 3708 Dual Edge Grader

New Grading Scraper

Ok. We picked up a new implement for the John1911 Range tractor. What I call a grading scraper or land leveler. But what Ironcraft...
Pulling up barbed Wire Fence with Massey Ferguson 4707 Tractor

Clearing Out The Shooting Shelter

One of the criticisms that was leveled about our main covered shooting position is too many bugs. In particular ticks. Actually it’s fair to...
Range re-gravel.

Re-Gravel The Ranges

Range maintenance is coming along swimmingly. Trying to get all the major work done before we get too close to deer season. Gravel for...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-274: The Stripper & The Fire Truck

Episode 274 of the John1911 podcast (I accidently said 275 on air) is now live:   Why we were gone for a bit. Tractor Issues...
Cutting trails for Massey 4707

Pole Saw Work

Part of the effort of introducing a large cabbed tractor is having to cut any offending branches on the existing trail system. Since most...
POTD - Frog on the range.

POTD – Frog On The Range

We have more frogs than I would have initially thought.   —Marky    
Shipping container shelving

Container Shelving

One project for this Winter is to make storage on the John1911 range more efficient. The first thing is to remove all floor standing...
SCAR-20 517 Yards

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group

SCAR-20 517 Yard Group I took these pics over the summer. Doc was going through his 155g load testing protocol for the SCAR-20. Needless to...
Brush Hog John1911 Gun Range

POTD – 7 Hours of Bush Hogging

The bad news is I have been bush hogging for 7 hours. The good news is the bush hog actually ran for 7 hours!...
Spot the steel on the rifle range.

Spot The Steel

So let me expand on this topic to illuminate points for the reader. The target is something that does not occur in nature. A...
Wilson Scorable Steel Target

Wilson Scorable Steel Target Arrives

Getting some old business out of the way. We have been playing with a Wilson Combat Scorable Steel Target system. Since the entire thing...
Why I use T-Posts on rifle range.

Rifle Range – Why T-Posts

So you want to build a rifle range but you are not sure what configuration you should choose for rifle range targets? Let me...
The John1911.com Podcast

Rant – Why Our Facility Is Private

I broke my own rule and let someone talk me into allowing a civilian to shoot on the John1911 range. Even this rant doesn't...
Poacher Patrol 2020.

Poacher Patrol 2020

In the last week of gun season, I make it a habit to patrol the property for trespassers and poachers. You would think opening...
POTD - Painting Target Backer

Painting Target Backer

Range setup lesson. Paint the pistol pit target backers black. I print A LOT of 8.5x11 targets. This helps with transitions and all that...