Friday, September 24, 2021
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Privately owned Mexican G3. Mexican Gun Collector. Mexican gun collection.

Mexican G3

This is a followup on the previous article about the privately owned Valmet in Mexico. Like most collectors, this person has a category that...

Saudi Made HK G3 Rifle

This is perhaps the fanciest HK G3 style rifle I have ever seen. According to the display placards, it is a licensed Saudi copy...

How Not To Operate A HK-91

Saw this happen today at the range. A guy wanted to try out my PTR-91 truck gun? Sure, no problem. And in an effort...

Update on Truck Gun Condition

Was doing some Spring Cleaning and figured some of you would like an update on my Truck Gun Project. Specifically condition. The PTR 91 GI...

HK G3 – PTR 91 – HK 91 Magazines are Cheap

I practice what I preach. I lived through the Clinton AWB and was caught completely flat-footed. Like many of my peers. I swore that...

Buyer Beware: The Worst Deal at Camp Perry 2015

As our regular readers know, we hit the National Matches up at Camp Perry every year. If you have never been, put it on...

PTR Industries is Having Financial Issues

  It seems PTR Industries is having some kind of financial issues. The word is they are behind paying rent on a building they lease...

Terror Attack in Tunisia and How a Civilian Can Be Prepared.

    Photographs of the Tunisian beach gunman either right before or during the attack. Witnesses say he hid his rifle in an umbrella. Included is...

Switching Stocks on PTR 91 / G3

  When setting up the truck gun project, I purchased two aftermarket stock options. The first was a Choate folding stock, The second and much...

Shooting – Testing the PTR 91 and 1897 Shotgun

It's been a busy winter and spring is on us fast. I have a bunch of gun projects that have crept up on me....