Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Bayonet Lug Install PTR-91

A few weeks back, we realized that an old armory project was long overdue. Actually two projects. The first was to reconfigure the PTR-91...

Truck Gun Glamor Shots – PTR-91 Retires

I have hinted around about this for a few weeks and in some private messages. After careful consideration I have decided to pull the...

American Mag Release on PTR Rifle Sucks

This has been coming for awhile but I have finally reached a turning point on the subject: The push-button mag release on the PTR-91...

How Not To Operate A HK-91

Saw this happen today at the range. A guy wanted to try out my PTR-91 truck gun? Sure, no problem. And in an effort...

I don’t hand load the PTR 91

I could also title this article, “I don’t hand load the HK91” but I like to be specific. It’s a PTR 91 GI Model,...

Why I Didn’t Spend Big Money on a G36 Conversion

It has been announced by some US dealers that Heckler & Koch (HK) is bringing some of their MP5 semi-auto based pistols into the...

HK G3 – PTR 91 – HK 91 Magazines are Cheap

I practice what I preach. I lived through the Clinton AWB and was caught completely flat-footed. Like many of my peers. I swore that...