Saturday, September 25, 2021
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EDC X9L: Modifying The Keeper

I’ve had some inquiries about this so here the photos. Let me state that modifying a holster voids any warranty and opens the user...

AIWB 1911 Safety

I have heard about holsters that would activate the 1911 safety should the user forget. We might even have some somewhere. But it was...

EP163 – Keeper’s Holster, Trump Pardons, Mini Mike 2020

Episode 163 of the John1911 Podcast:   Keeper's Concealment Holster in. Trump Pardons. Bobcats in Ohio. 10mm Kimber 1911's. Coronavirus. George Zimmerman is still nuts. ...

EP160 – Should I Switch Back to a 1911 CCW Gun?

Episode 160: Freeze and I have a frank discussion about some issues I have been having with the VP9, holsters and what my CCW pistol...
Keepers Concealment Cracked Holster. The Keeper. AIWB holster cracked. Broken holster.

Cracked Keepers Concealment Holster…Again

So…while getting changed to work out I took off my AIWB rig and set it on the bathroom counter.  It’s only then when the light...

Testing a New Cover Garment…Dry

It’s not high-speed low drag, but successfully drawing a pistol, from concealment, not shooting your self, and getting a first shot hit on the...

Replacing The Keeper Foam Wedge

Well it’s that time again. The need to replace the foam wedge on my Keeper AIWB holster. For those who don’t understand the mechanics...

POTD – Daily Carry Life

I'm never without this pistol. Ever. And before this pistol I was never without my previous carry pistol. All day. Every day. Regardless of whatever...

Video —My 2 o’clock Appointment

My schedule is electronic. People can add stuff to it as they see fit. I am still surprised when I occasionally move stuff back...

Replacement Keepers Concealment Holster Issue

It has displayed a bad tendency that I will need to clean up. When the holster is under compression, it ejects the pistol magazine during...

John1911 Podcast EP47 –

Episode 47 of the John1911 Podcast. Sorry for the delay. We have been busy with some hunting trips and projects.   GP11 Ammo is back! HK...

Armory Chat EP 07

Quick video from the armory. The day before I am to head back out on the road I discover my main CCW holster is...

Video — This is a Good M&P Holster

Time for a update to a previous video: THIS IS A BAD M&P Holster. The main issue was the lack of tension in that...

Jamie Gilt Shot by 4 y/o Son

Have to be honest. Before this story broke about this incident, I had never heard of this woman. It seems she has been making...

Pushups and AIWB

Ok. I have finally found something that isn't optimal when carrying AIWB: Pushups. I maintain a specific level of physical fitness. And one of...