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22LR Luger by Erma 01

22LR Luger By Erma

While visiting the Cody Firearms Museum (CFM), taking a gander at the Lugers is always a must. Now I admit I am not the...

Broom-Handle Mauser: 30 Mauser or 9mm Luger?

One of my regular FFL stores popped up with a Broom-handle Mauser also known as the C96. I have been casually paying attention to...

POTD — Stack of Lugers

Thought this was just a neat photo. A pile of Lugers. The fancy scroll-looking logo on the toggles of many of them stands for...

Kydex Holster for a WWII Luger

A reader on our Facebook page posted these photos and it stopped me in my tracks. Just look at this! We truly live in...