Saturday, September 23, 2023
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AR Kaboom – What Happened?

This video was recently brought to my attention. I don’t know how long ago it happened or where?  I have seen many rifles ka-Boom. AR’s...

Brownell’s M16A1 Retro in the Wild 

  Had a chance to look closely at one of these recently. Like many of you, I believe The Devil is in the details. Do...

Video — Colt SP1 Upclose View

Ok. Since so many people wanted to see up-close images of the SP-1 put-together, here you go. You can clearly see the erosion at the...

Gas Rings Seal Test

There are three gas rings as part of your AR bolt and they function a lot like the piston rings in your car’s engine....

Osprey MK-36

While perusing vendor’s row during the National Matches at Camp Perry, I spotted a very, very, very unusual rifle: The Osprey MK-36. Apparently, the inventor...