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The John1911 Podcast

EP-322: Cocked & Blocked

Episode 322 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   MAC 50 or is it MAS 50? Shooting "Cocked & Blocked". White Steyr AUG lands. ...
What is this Luger

What Is This Luger?

Ok. Here’s the deal. We acquired this German Luger from an estate. I don’t know much about Lugers beyond them being Lugers & made...
German Luger

POTD – German Luger

The John1911 Armory recently picked up an entire estate of firearms. As for why will become clear later in the year. But in the...
Korean War KA-BAR Military Surplus Knife.

Korean War Bayonet

A note from Chris: Hey a while ago, I sent a picture of a combat knife from the Vietnam era that my dad had from...
Bayonet Markings

Weird Bayonet Markings

This bayonet was spotted at our local FFL and I thought the conversation was worth sharing here.  Notice the notches in the handle? Interesting. Does...
Carcano rifle

1891 Carcano Rifle

Cleaning up some old business. In addition to the Vetterli rifle, we also picked up another 6.5 Carcano chambered rifle: The 1891 Carcano.  What makes...
SHS-68 Romanian Tokarev

SHS-68: Romanian TT-33 Tokarev

With the pandemic and subsequent ammunition shortage, I have noticed a greater interest in “non-standard” military surplus firearms. The TT-33 Tokarev is one such...
FAL Rifles. STG58. FAL rifle with thumbhole stock.

FAL Rifles – The Good & The Bad

The rifle on the right almost caused me physical pain when I saw it at my local FFL.      Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
SIG P210 Target

SIG P210 Cleaning

So I had a chance to get into the P210 yesterday and clean it. Without going into great detail beyond the scope of our...
1816 Harpers Ferry Musket

Model 1816 Harpers Ferry Musket.

This particular musket is a contract example made by L. Pomeroy in 1829. Pomeroy made approximately 21,000 guns for the US Military between 1818...
SIG P210 Target 9mm Reproduction.

SIG P210 Target

The SigUSA P210 Target. It’s amazing they re-popped these. If you have ever wanted a P210 but couldn’t justify the price? You have to...
Walther P38 - Post War Production.

Walther P38

Per viewer request, we have pulled the Walther P38 out of The Armory and put some rounds through it.  This is a post WWII example,...
German P08 Luger. Mismatch pistol. 42 Luger Replacement parts.

P08 Luger – German Bubba?

So here’s the story with this video. We have a German P08 Luger in the reference collection. It’s a shooter grade, non-matching example. And...
C96 Pistols in Khyber Pass region of Pakistan.

C96 Pistols in Khyber Pass

Two C96 pattern pistols in the Khyber Pass region of Pakistan.    Umar www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Ross Rifle 1905 MK II Bolt

Ross MKII Bolt

Had a reader reach out asking some questions about his Ross MK II bolt. So this video is more directed at him personally.  But perhaps...