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RFI Enfield

A NATO Enfield

How do you 100% solve rim lock in an Enfield rifle? Simple. Shoot one chambered in 7.62 NATO!  😎 Just out blowing the dust off the...
1891 Carcano Rifle

1891 Carcano Rifle – First Shots

So…we have been focusing very heavy on the performance and precision side of the armory. But many of our newer viewers may not be...
SHS 46: Chinese SKS

SHS46: Chinese SKS 

SHS46: Chinese SKS  On this episode we are looking at a gun that is no longer being imported into the United States.  It is a...

The FAMAS is Getting Expensive

For those who don’t know, or who didn’t assume it, the FAMAS has been on our “to-buy” list for a while. But since there...

POTD – Could You Have Named This Gun?

We had an interesting, and very rare, firearm come into the armory recently. A ZB-26. For those who are not familiar with the ZB,...

Hakim in American Rifleman

We posted a review of an Egyptian Hakim by Scott Mayer a few weeks ago. The rife was so good, I bought the company....