Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Mossberg’s Going Wood

Just heard Mossberg is coming out with retro kind of wood stocked 500 & 590 shotguns. I for one am excited! I understand the...

Mossberg 500 Hunting Setup

Our regulars know we are Mossberg fans. Some folks have key’ed in on the fact I’ve been hunting with one Mossberg or another for...

Freeze Replaces Scope on Hunting Shotgun

The scope I used on my Hunting shotgun finally went south on me. It was a great scope for many years of deer hunting;...

Vang Comp Safety on Mossberg 500

So, the other day I’m in the armory discussing business with Marky and, “checking out” my Russian sniper rifle. While I’m gathering up things,...

Mossberg 500 Weaver Scope Mount

I noticed this shotgun during our dove hunt. Freeze’s SIL was running one of his 500 Mossberg’s. Obviously we don’t need scopes for wing-shooting,...

Mossberg 500 Slugs on Steel

Those who have followed us for a while know the Freeze hunts quite a bit with a Mossberg 500 shotgun. Actually, it’s Mossberg’s economical...

POTD — Freeze’s Cleaning Table

Just after deer season finished up, I had stopped by Freeze’s home to drop off some gear. And as luck would have it, he...

2015 Freeze’s 11-Point Buck

For some of our new readers, if you haven’t quite figured it out yet, the owners of have diverse areas of expertise and...
Mossberg 500 with PDX Ammo.

Mossberg 500 12 and PDX Ammunition

We invited some close friends and family to come out with us to Mitchell's Range. The guesst were asked to bring any home defense...

Hunting Accident Aftermath: Rebuilding a Mossberg Shotgun

So we received some bad news this week. One state that Freeze hunts has not legalized centerfire rifle hunting for 2015. We were pretty...