Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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35 Yard A/C 10-Shot Challenge

Picked this challenge up from Mike Seeklander. It’s a 10 shot string, no misses, at 35 yards, on an A/C sized target. more...

Long Range Head Shot Work

Let’s be real. This is a low percentage shot in the real world. The target will be moving, innocents around the target will be...

Triangle Drill – Movement

The emphasis of this drill is movement. Draw and fire 2. Move forward to the second position and shoot 2. Move to position three...

90 Degree Turn Drill

So this video shows two very important thanks for the home-gamer. In the same video, you will see me set a personal record; and...

The Hillbilly Drill

While on the range loading mags, I happened to notice an usual situation. At least unusual for “professional” gun ranges.  I was sitting on...