Friday, September 24, 2021
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POTD - Beretta 92X

POTD – Cleaning Beretta 92x Performance

It’s fun to shoot ‘em. But ya gots to clean them. At least if you are going to check them back into the armory....

B8 Targets

Sometimes you just need a B8.        Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Gas Adjustment Tool

Rusted FAL Tool

I am posting this as kind of a reality check. Sometimes I wonder how the reader viewers things around here.  “Those fancy people with all...
BCF-66 Pistol

4th of July Message

And….we bought it. Original buyer couldn’t pass the 4473. So…we even got it cheap. French BCF-66. I’m sure this is a a tip of...
BCF-66 French Pistol.

POTD – French BCF-66 380 Caliber Pistol

Don’t see these everyday. A French BCF-66. 380 blowback. I would guess there is a threaded barrel option from the factory, because this just...
POTD - SIG P220 Elite

POTD – SIG P220 Elite

We had a cop show up a few weeks ago carrying a SIG P227. That is a 45ACP chambered pistol. He expressed a desire...

Honest Wear – Wilson Protector 

Andy A. sends over a 1911 with honest wear. —Editor Here’s my  carry Wilson. Been to Gunsite numerous times. Only time it’s malfunctioned has been...
PTR MP5 Clone


Ran into one of the new PTR MP-5’s while hitting various gun shops. Seems very interesting. My first impression is the word, “lite”. As...

My Favorite 1911 Look

It’s probably a reflection of my age and generation, but I find the dark slide and stainless frame, 2-tone look to be about the...

Professional Photo Test 2

Here is the second gun form the photo test. The previous gun was obviously well worn. Now this example is in much better shape.  Wilson...
Fall Fashion Week. S&W 442 J-Frame 38 Special.

Fall Fashion Week: S&W 442

For many years I refused to even purchase a j-framed revolver. Why? I didn’t want to be tempted to carry it! Yes I really...
S&W 325 TR - Thunder Ranch

Fall Fashion Week: S&W 325 Thunder Ranch

The 325 is a legacy gun from my 45 ACP 1911 days. The thinking was since I am so deep into the 45 guns,...
Duluth Trading Company Pants0000

POTD – Duluth Trading Company Pants

So…THIS is what that little piece of fabric is for! To hold my hammer!  OK. All kidding aside, Yaqui style holsters are still crap.  Sincerely,      Marky “Shooting Guns...
B-29 Bomber over John1911 Range

B-29 Bomber Flyover

So...a B-29 flew over the John1911 armory Sunday. I asked Doc if I should be worried since I was shooting a German rifle? He...

Long Saturday

At 630am it was website updates. By 930am it was range time. By 2pm it was tractor service center to bring in busted range...