Thursday, February 2, 2023
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POTD – Clean Wilson Experior

The Wilson eXperior came into the armory for some basic cleaning and video recording. Since it normally lives in my truck as my backup...
CZ Bren 7.62x39 AK mags

POTD – CZ Bren 2 – AK Configuration

POTD - CZ Bren 2 - AK Configuration This caught my eye over at Shooter’s Supply last week. A CZ Bren 2 (I think) that...
SIG 226 SAO.

POTD – SIG 226 SAO Legion

While walking through a Cabela’s Firearm Library I ran into a gun I have always been curious about. The SIG 226 SAO model. In...
SIG M17 Wilson Combat Grip Module.

POTD – Wilson M17 Grip Module

Doc is still running his M17 with the Wilson Combat grip module. -Ed   Doc “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Post Sickness Workouts

Working out the kinks in my shooting after being sick for a week.  —Marky
M-11 MAC-10

POTD – Cobray M-11

We’ve had this pistol in the reference collection for at least 4 years. According to our records anyway. And you know what? We have...
First Lite Cipher

POTD – SIG Cross

Doc has been scoping the Sig Cross for a few months. His last pig hunt in Texas would have been easier with a lighter...

POTD – Giraffe Bone Grips

We did a video on these grips (click here), but some folks wanted to see higher resolution stills of Freeze’s giraffe bone grips. Pistol...

POTD – Colt Delta Elite

When Russell sent over pics of his 10mm 1911, he wanted to know what I thought? Truth is my mouth was watering.  I have never...

Still The One

Still the one. Wilson EDC X9L —Marky #john1911 #edcx9l #edcx9 #9mm1911s #1911
Walther P38

Fall Fashion Week – P38

Fall Fashion Week - P38 Last of the Fall Fashion Week series for 2021. Here we have a post war Walther P38 pistol. Every gun...
Bernardelli P-One

Fall Fashion Week – Bernardelli P.One

So it’s Fall Fashion Week again here at The Armory. Up today is an Italian Manufacture, Israeli Police surplus Bernardelli P.One pistol.      Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns &...

POTD – Nighthawk Enforcer

Friend of the website (Andy) sent over some pics of his 1911 collection. Here he has a Nighthawk Enforcer with a very nice test...
SIG 551a1 Magazines

POTD – Marking Mags

POTD - Marking Mags I haven’t been publishing videos with it, but we are still shooting the SIG 551A1 rifle. Getting tired of only have...

POTD —EDC X9L – X300

POTD. Yup. I still used the EDC X9L every day. Rain or shine. Runs like a top. It’s my primary training AND carry gun....