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Ukraine War Update June 21-2022

Ukraine Quick Update 6-20-22

Ukraine Quick Update 6-20-22 1. British intelligence says there have been desertions of Ukraine troops (not a good idea unless they flee to Russia controlled...
Battle for Mariupol

Mariupol Order of Battle

I managed to expand the April 30 map of Azovstal made by Jomini of the West. If you look at it, you will see...
War in Ukraine April 5th, 2022

Ukraine: The War Moves East – April 4-5, 2022.

In summary: good news, hopeful new and bad news.  1. The good news is that all Russian armies (there were 4 IIRC) in North Ukraine...
Putin’s Philosophy.

Putin’s Philosophy 

Okay, people. Its time to get serious and talk about Putin's philosophy. Since I am aiming for short, digestible pieces, this is the first...
Ravi Rikhye Ukraine War Analysis

Ukraine Strikes Occupied Kherson Air Base

1. Ukraine forces attacked Kherson Air Base in the south probably with artillery or rockets from the pictures. The base is being used by...
Ukraine - Russia War - Thumb

Ukraine Brief Update Part III

Before I do the update on Ukraine, some points. A happy face is accidental: as a military, geo-strategical, and intelligence analyst, I am never happy...
Russian - Ukraine War 2022 - Part 2

The Russia-Ukraine War 2022 – Part II

In the previous post, I argued that the US brought the Ukraine on itself by showing geo-strategic weaknesses at several levels. That does not...
Russian - Ukraine War 2022 - Part 1

The Russia-Ukraine War 2022 –  Part I

The Russia-Ukraine War 2022 -  Part I First, some general facts. Ukraine covers an area of about 595,000 km2, excluding the rebel “republics” of Luhansk...

Trump is Right to Pressure NATO on its Spending

A big problem with President Trump is not his basic ideas, most of which are good, but the way he expresses them. So it...

Indian AF Did Not Detect PLAAF J-20

In April 2018 the Indian Air Force held its largest exercise ever, flying 11,000 sorties of all kinds over 11-days. The exercise generated some...