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Bolt Action Remington 700

Shooting 300WM Re-Barrel 517 Yards

Editors note: Doc was on the range on a cold December day shooting his recently re-barreled 300WM. This is his second barrel on this gun...
The target.

300 Winchester Magnum First Groups

Doc has shot out the barrel on his 300wm. He replaced the barrel. Worked up various loads. Picked the best. And here he...
Remington PSS 300wm

Doc Re-Barrels PSS 700

   Doc shoots quite a bit. His 300WM needed a new barrel. Second barrel he’s changed on this rifle. These are his groups working...

Police Snipers Confirming 1000 Yard Dope

I had a chance to shoot with some police snipers a while back. The main goal of this trip was to confirm 1000 yard...

Safari Seat Hunting

Not really sure what to actually call this, so I am giving it my best attempt. While pig hunting in Texas, I got to...

Graphic – Shooter Puts 22-250 Through Foot

This was sent to us by a reader who wanted us to pass it along. It is my understanding that a shooter was unloading...