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Remington 1890 Cowboy Gun

POTD – Remington 1890

Remington revolver 1890 nickel with factory ivory grips. #44cfw #4440winchester #blackpowder #cowboygun #sixshooter #ivorygrips #raregun     Freeze “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Remington Rider Revolver

The Remington Rider Revolver

Full name: The Remington-Rider New Model Double Action Belt Pistol. Remington made this pistol between 1863 and 1873. In that 10 year run 3000 to...
More Remington Guns

More Remingtons

The estate I have been working with is sending over more guns to look at. Just a preview.    Freeze “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
Remington New Police

Remington New Police

Remington New Police revolver in .36 caliber percussion and 38 caliber short; rimfire factory conversions. There have been approximately 25,000 of these made and to...
Remington Model 1890 New Model Army

Remington 1890 New Model Army

The Model 1890 was produced from 1891 until 1896. And only had a production run of 2020 guns. Most were made in 7 3/4"...