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My Reloads Suck. Practicing AR magazine reloads.

My Reloads Suck

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas? I did as well so no worries. I spent it working. Old habits don’t die.  As as the...
4 Steel Plate 450 - 500- 600 Yards

4” Steel at Range

So…your gun shoots 1/2 MOA all day long? Good. Now hit these 4” steel plates with one shot. At 450 yards. 500 yards. And...
Tank Trap Barricade

Tank Trap Barricade?

I’ve been seeing these on the internet. Mostly at rifle matches. Gets me thinking. Maybe we need one? Is there a standard size for...

POTD – Two More VTAC’s Arrive

Things are moving very quickly on many fronts. On Friday, two more of the VTAC barricades arrived on property. That gives us a total...

Cold Weather Range Shakedown

So…it was a 1 degree day with winds gusting from 15-20mph. And “Officer Mike” wanted to see the rifle range progress. And I wanted...