Friday, September 24, 2021
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500 Yard First Shots Official

Ok. This part of the property is done. So a friend of ours wanted to shoot his SCAR-17 and try it out.  So while I...

Police Snipers Confirming 1000 Yard Dope

I had a chance to shoot with some police snipers a while back. The main goal of this trip was to confirm 1000 yard...

The Taliban SCAR-17 is Back

Photos and video have been making the rounds of Taliban fighters spotted with US Military equipment. Specifically a FDE SCAR-17 variant. Citing open source intel,...

No. The Army Won’t Go Back to 308

I have been getting hammered with inquiries and comments about the Congressional testimony of Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley on the US...

SCAR-17 Gets a Bad Rap and other Cliches

Perusing some of the bigger precision rifle shooting forums and you will detect a common thread among a wide variety of shooters: The SCAR-17...

SCAR Aftermarket Trigger: 1500 Rounds Later

A while back I did a quick post about a friends SCAR-17 rifle. In particular I discussed a aftermarket trigger he installed that wasn’t...

SCAR-17 Load Data 175g Sierra

A friend was shooting his SCAR-17 with a Vortex muzzle device. Some have inquired about the load data used for the pictured group. 5...

Video — Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider

A friend of ours switched from his factory FN muzzle break to a Smith Enterprises Vortex. And it was like a whole new gun....

Video — Disassembly of SCAR 16 Piston

I get this question usually from people interested in picking up a SCAR rifle. How easy is it to clean the gas system /...

Video — Testing New Pig Load SCAR 17

A buddy of mine has a new hunting load developed for our 2017 Texas Pig Hunt. He knew I was benching some rifles testing...

A Tale of Two Pig Guns

This recently came up among a group of young hunters I know so I figured I would post about it here. The younger guys...

FNH USA Announces SCAR 17 Recall

RSR a major US distributor to most gun shops has announced a SCAR 17 recall. It seems they have detected the possibility that 471...

Removing SCAR 16 Front Rail

Been running a SCAR for at least 4 years. Over time I have developed some opinions about it’s features. So this past winter I...

Interesting SCAR PDW Stocks

Found these images recently and thought they were interesting. It seems more and more aftermarket options are coming out for the SCAR rifles. I...

Chicks Dig SCARS, And I Dig The MREX

Kinetic showed its MREX SCAR receiver extension as a simple, durable and lightweight solution for the SCAR rifle platform. It allows for removal of...