Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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SCAR-20s Load Testing TMK 518 yards.

SCAR-20s 518 Yards Load Testing

“Doc” and I were out on the range testing some of his hand loads. Here he is shooting some 175g TMK’s in his SCAR-20s.  One...
SCAR-20 Load Data 175g SMK

SCAR-20 Load Data

As promised, we have some load data to share from, “Doc’s” rifle. See below.  —Marky I  think I found a new powder—CFE-223.  **** suggested it. The load with...

SCAR-20 Load Testing 500y

Ok. If you are reading this description, that means you are seriously considering watching this 30 minute video. If you are interested in seeing how...

SCAR 20s – An Up close View

So I finally got a chance to handle an honest-to-goodness FNH SCAR-20s rifle. And here are my initial observations: The Geiselle trigger is a...

SCAR 20s Has Arrived

One of our good friends, who our readers have seen shooting his SCAR-17s many times, has sold off his 17 and replaced it with...