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eXperior Trigger Control

The trigger on the Wilson eXperior is much “crispier” than on the EDC X9L. It’s been about a decade since I ran such a...
COVID-19 / SCAR-20 Thumb

COVID-19 / SCAR-20

Doc came out to play during the tail end of the Covid shutdown. Brought his SCAR along and banged steel from 200 yards to...
Always Save the Mojo. Pistol drills.

Always Save The Mojo

Outtake from a range session this weekend.  It’s goofy.  It’s short. And most of you it will be lost on.  However…I thought it was a good opportunity to...
My Reloads Suck. Practicing AR magazine reloads.

My Reloads Suck

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas? I did as well so no worries. I spent it working. Old habits don’t die.  As as the...

When The Wind Doesn’t Blow

We are still trying to get used to the particulars of the new rifle range. And one of the most interesting aspects is it’s...

SHS 17: Beretta 92a1

  What we have here is a pistol I have kept an eye out for quite a few years. The upgraded M9 pistol known as...
Tombstone Actor Shot

Tombstone Actor Shot

Many of you have heard about the shooting at Tombstone this week. A regular cadre of actors reenacts famous gunfights for the tourist trade....