Friday, September 24, 2021
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Primer So Your Student has a primer

Primer – So Your Student Has a Blaser

Shot this last week as a last minute request by an instructor friend of mine. Some students of his are getting ready for a...
Federal 243 Ammo Group Test / Zero/.

Federal 243 Soft-Point

So with the new chassis and suppressor, it is time to fine tune the zero. Especially considering I have switched ammo. Typically I was...
Blaser R8 Pro-Tips

Blaser R8 Pro-Tips

This is a general list of “how to” for the Blaser R8 rifles. Actually for all the Blaser straight-pull rifles: R8, R93, LRS, LRS2,...
Ross Rifle vs Blaser Rifle

Straight Pull: Ross Rifle vs Blaser 

Straight Pull: Ross Rifle vs Blaser  User question: What are the differences between the Ross straight pull and the Blaser straight pulls?  In short? Everything. Besides...

SHS 39 – Swiss K11

What we have on this episode of the Second Hand Showcase is the Swiss K11. Like most K11’s, this one was converted from 7.5x53...

Found Blaser 338LM Magazines 

Thanks to a follower we were able to source some factory new, Blaser 338 Lapua magazines; from a retail vender in Europe. Specifically Germany.  Special...

Range Construction- 600 Yard Test

Update on the range construction. What I’m doing here is testing line of sight and theoretical shooting positions for shots from 600 and 700...

Now That’s a Dirty Barrel

Previously we shared some testing I did with the 1905 Ross rifle. (CLICK HERE) Well, when I went to clean the barrel, this is...

1905 Ross Rifle Function Test

It’s New Years weekend and the armory is slow. So it’s a perfect time to get something off my to-do list. Today I am...

Video — My Broken Firing Pin Face

Drive 4 hours to confirm dope out to 1000 yards and firing pin breaks on first shot. That look on my face when I...

M1905 Mk II Ross Rifle Refurb Complete

We picked up a Ross rifle for the armory. We needed something in British 303 and the Canadian Ross came our way. The rifle...

Benefits of a Sandbag with Rifles

This is a little trick I picked up quite a while ago. I always have 2 little “sandbags” with me when I am doing...

Unexpected Visitor — Black Bear

While confirming some dope on the way back down from 1000 yards, I had something happen that has never happened before. A 200 pound...

Damn. I Need to Buy Scope Rings

Was hoping to be able to mount this scope with rings we have in the armory. Turns out, the Badger 1.125 high rings are...

Armory Chat EP15 – Thanks For The Help

Some months ago I posted about needing a 223 barrel for my Blaser Tactical 2. To Read that CLICK HERE. Thanks to everyone who...