Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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M16A1 Furniture is Hard to Find?

Something weird start happening after I posted some videos of our Colt SP1. Numerous people were commenting and e-mailing asking where they can get...

Foster 1911 Frames

Saw these up at Camp Perry this past summer. Foster 1911 frames and parts for custom / personal builds. The price was compelling. And...

Bolt-on Side Charging Handle

OK. Let me start off with a confession: I can’t believe I like this product. And I know as I am typing this many...
1903 Sniper M1 Garand Sniper

Mil-Surp Snipers are Fun as Hell

I have to admit it. I am on a military-surplus sniper rifle kick. In my real life, I desire and need extremely accurate rifles....