Monday, September 25, 2023
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Family Heirloom. WWII wr trophy.

POTD – Family Heirloom

This belongs to Freezeā€™s father. So that would be great grandpa Freeze. If I recall the story correctly? It was brought back by another...

WW1 German Helmet Found in Afghanistan

War and history are indelibly intertwined. Which is why many times those who are deep into the firearms culture are also students of history....
Grandpa's WWII Box

Grandpa’s WWII Box

I found this photo on the internet. I am not sure if it's real or just a mock-up of, "what could have been"? But...

Fake Iraqi AK Rifles

Here's another pro-tip for the home-gamers. Buy the gun, not the story. These are not "Iraqi AK's", dude. They aren't. If you buy one,...