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Actual Kennedy – Oswald Ammo.

6.5 Mannlichler-Caracno Ammunition. Notice the lot number.

Years ago I bought a box of reloading stuff. It was a mismatched batch of powder, bullets, some dies and other what nots. In the box was several plastic cases of reloaded 30-06, and one box of 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano ammo. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but found it a bit strange that it was made by Winchester for the military. I tossed it on a shelf and forgot about it.

6.5 Mannlicher-Caracno ammunition made in the US.

Fast forward a few years and I rediscovered the 6.5 ammo and decided to look into it. I was not sure why Winchester was making it but we do give a lot of stuff away to foreign governments. While doing some digging, I came across some references to the Warren Report about President Kennedy’s assassination. I’m thinking to myself Oswald did use a Carcano. And while I was reading on it, they started mentioning Manufacture, ORD numbers and lot numbers.

6.5 Mannlicher-Caracno Ammunition. Notice the lot number.

I was totally amazed to find out, I was holding a box of ammo that came from the same lot that Oswald used. Some may find it a bit creepy, but the history buff in me finds it very interesting and a pretty cool item to have.

Images of Oswald Ammunition from the Warren Commission

Would I go out and look for it to buy? NOPE! But since it came my way thru fate, I’m really happy to have it.


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