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Sunset on The Rifle Range

Unlike most people in the Shooting community I always make sure to shoot all year round.   And truth be told, when it starts getting cold;...

CZ P-10C Initial Impressions

CZ P-10 C initial impressions and observations. The most important if you don't want to watch the video? This is NOT a G19 sized pistol....
French MAB Model D - Modele D

French MAB Model D Pistol

CZ SP-01 Tactical

SHS-64: CZ SP-01 Tactical

Military Surplus

The FAMAS is Getting Expensive

For those who don’t know, or who didn’t assume it, the FAMAS has been on our “to-buy” list for a while. But since there...
Freeze Holds the M16a4 FN Military Collector

Freeze Eyes the M16A4

Being a dyed in the wool MILSURP collector, I think this rifle ticks all the boxes for him. Modern enough for all the ergonomic...
Red Jacket Firearms

SHS-67: Red Jacket AK-47

What we have here is a rifle out of a shop I have never handled before. An AK-47 gone over by Red Jacket Firearms...
Bent Bayonet Repair

1891 Carcano Bayonet Repair

Follow up on a video we did a few weeks ago. Putting together a correct 1891 Carcano rifle, so a bayonet was in order.  However…the...


Remington 1902 No 9 Shotgun.

1902 Remington #9 Shotgun

Picked this up from Shooter’s Supply after noticing some unique features not found on many modern shotguns. Firstly, it is a single action break-top,...


Setting up the cleaning station at range.

New Barn Cleaning Station 

Just some behind the scenes updates. Been setting up the cleaning station in the new barn. Some iteration of this setup has been in...

1911 Pistols

EDC X9L – What Would I Change

I have over 11,000 rounds though this pistol as of this filming. And while we are obviously VERY pleased with the Wilson Combat EDC...

Blaser Rifles

Suppressed 7.5x55 / 7.5 Swiss Barrel. Blaser R8.

Suppressed 7.5×55

Where has the R8 been you ask? The answer is: I was having multiple barrels threaded for suppressors.  Having never shot a non-factory threaded barrel,...


2015 Deer Processing

Deer Processing We’ve had some interest from readers asking about Freeze’s home-deer processing. Here are photos of his finished product. Between all his personal deer,...

Ivory Stocked Rifle

I will start off by saying that I like Ivory. I like it as grips for firearms and have carried a ivory gripped pistol...

Crazy Deer 2015

Thought some of you would find this photo interesting. As I see it, there are three types of deer racks: Typical, non-typical and coo-coo-crazy. This...

Germany’s “Cabela’s”

On a recent hunting trip to Germany, I came across what can only be called the Deutschland equivalent of Cabela’s. Frankonia was stocked with...


The John1911 Podcast

EP-344: The Commies Get Their Wish…Kinda

Episode 344 of the John1911 Podcast is now live.   Secret Service Conspiracy Theories. How Snipers Work. Was Reagan the last serious attempt on a...
John1911 Podcast

EP-343: Donald Trump Shot

Episode 343: Donald Trump Shot.   What we know vs what we think we know.       Regards, Marky
The John1911 Podcast

EP-342: It’s Not Going to Lick Itself

Episode 342 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   SIG loses in court. The Ranger Band Defense The importance of fit in firearm selection. ...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-341: Back From Navy Leave

Episode 341 of the John1911 podcats is live. Been away for a month getting the new range building ready, but now I think we...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-340: Range & Gun Updates

Episode 340 is now live.   First pod from the range. Audio test. Tisas Raider 1911 is back. Switching my CCW gun. Youtube proves me...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-339: The Glocko Taco Truck

Episode 339 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   Don't touch my hay! Staccato 2011's drop safe? Will SCOTUS save bump stocks after all? ...


Stolen Glock Recovered

Stolen Glock Recovered

Got Lucky! Five or six years ago I had a almost brand new Glock G45 stolen from me. Luckily I keep a record in what...

MEME – I Shoot 9mm

Made this meme just to poke the 45 Bear. Yes, my advice still stands: Get the 1911 in 9mm.  If you are only going to...

Industry news

Bushnell ConX 1 Mile Laser Range Finder

Since we have a website some readers may get things twisted. The fact is, even for us, money is always an issue. I don’t...

Multi-Caliber AR Mag

One of the weakest links in the reliability of the Stoner system is the magazine. Modern synthetic mags have greatly improved the situation, but...
LE Colt Carbine

Value of “LE Restricted” Firearms

Officer Mike picked up a PD carbine recently and was asking if these markings make the rifle more valuable on the secondary market? To...

CMP Contracts with Tisas

Word came down earlier this year that the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) was going to contract with Tisas to produce a “military surplus” copy...

Interesting Stories Around The Web

Chevy Like a Rock Commercial - Parody

The New Chevy Commercial is Lit! 

This video was born out of a funny conversation Chris and I were having one day soon after this protestor story hit the national...
Not The Typical EDC Knives.

Not The Typical EDC Knives

Two of my most treasured gun-show finds.  It just so happens that I found them both on the same day at the same gun-show. In...
US Weapons in Afghanistan

The Guns We Left Behind


Zentico Perst 3

Zentico Perst 3 Green & IR Laser

Officer Mike popped up with a Russian Laser on one of his guns. —Editor     Officer Mike “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Holy Grail Speed Loader — HKS S&W 547 9mm Luger

The S&W K-framed 547 is a rare revolver. It’s not super rare like some registered magnums, but uncommon. The reason being when these were...
Wilson X9L. Wilson X9L with SRO RDS.

Wilson X9L Arrives


POTD Wild Turkey

POTD – Wild Turkey