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Citori Breaks 1000 Rounds

Citori Passes 1000 Rounds

Well…it has taken the better part of 20 years, but our “sporting gun” has finally passed the 1000 rounds fired mark.  Since I am not...

Armory Chat EP14 — The People Have Spoken

It appears folks have chosen the 223 FN FAL as the first rifle to shoot some drills with. In order of votes: FN FAL 223. SIG...
Oracle Arms 2311 Review

Oracle 2311 – What Is It?

That Was Ugly Sesh

That Was Ugly

Military Surplus

Now That’s a Dirty Barrel

Previously we shared some testing I did with the 1905 Ross rifle. (CLICK HERE) Well, when I went to clean the barrel, this is...


I have been eyeing these from afar for a while and I finally ran across one in a retail establishment. My main interest is...
Bernardelli P.One & Walther P-38

Bernardelli & Walther Sight Work

Pulled two reference guns out of the library to shoot them at the range. But being more of a performance focused shooter, I decided...
Model 12 Trench Gun

Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun

Ok. Before the collectors come at me with pitchforks and tar, let’s start off the bat by saying this shotgun isn’t a real Model...


Remington 1902 No 9 Shotgun.

1902 Remington #9 Shotgun

Picked this up from Shooter’s Supply after noticing some unique features not found on many modern shotguns. Firstly, it is a single action break-top,...


New Model Colt Pythons

New Model Colt Pythons 

With the recent discussion regarding Colt Pythons, here are my two new-model Pythons; one 4.25” barrel and the other 3”. For years I’ve been...
Setting up the cleaning station at range.
Early Design SLS Holster
7.62x39 Hunting Loads
Olight Warrior X4


1911 Pistols

POTD – Kraken’s X9

So Kraken came through town and spent some time on the John1911 range. Unfortunately it was bitterly cold (3-5 degrees) and we are crippled...

Blaser Rifles

Zeroing Blaser R8 223 caliber barrel.

Zero and DOPE Check

Why shoot cheap, reloaded ammo through your higher-end bolt gun? Simple. It’s a cheap way to practice position shooting. What a lot of people...


NEOPOD: A High Quality Plastic Bipod?

Yesterday, I took delivery of a new bipod being made by a company called Steinert Sensing Systems out of Norway. The name is Neopod...

Remington LTR Light Mount

A guy I was hunting with this past spring showed up with a neat and cost effective may to mount a light to his...

Confirming Zero Texas Pig

One thing that continues to amaze me as I progress along in my hunting career are the amount of hunters who not confirm rifle...
Strange Target Damage

Strange Target Damage

Made reference about this incident on pod a few weeks back. Also since it happened during deer gun season, I am putting it under...


The John1911 Podcast

EP-344: The Commies Get Their Wish…Kinda

Episode 344 of the John1911 Podcast is now live.   Secret Service Conspiracy Theories. How Snipers Work. Was Reagan the last serious attempt on a...
John1911 Podcast

EP-343: Donald Trump Shot

Episode 343: Donald Trump Shot.   What we know vs what we think we know.       Regards, Marky
The John1911 Podcast

EP-342: It’s Not Going to Lick Itself

Episode 342 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   SIG loses in court. The Ranger Band Defense The importance of fit in firearm selection. ...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-341: Back From Navy Leave

Episode 341 of the John1911 podcats is live. Been away for a month getting the new range building ready, but now I think we...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-340: Range & Gun Updates

Episode 340 is now live.   First pod from the range. Audio test. Tisas Raider 1911 is back. Switching my CCW gun. Youtube proves me...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-339: The Glocko Taco Truck

Episode 339 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   Don't touch my hay! Staccato 2011's drop safe? Will SCOTUS save bump stocks after all? ...


Trump Assassination Theories 

Trump Assassination Theories 

This is a tongue-n-cheek joke, but… Obviously a lot went wrong with President Trump’s security detail. Everyone is still sorting through the facts of what,...
Stolen Glock Recovered

Stolen Glock Recovered

Got Lucky! Five or six years ago I had a almost brand new Glock G45 stolen from me. Luckily I keep a record in what...

Industry news

SIG Sauer Cancels 2022 SHOT Show.

SIG Bows Out of SHOT 2022

Having worked SHOT myself, I feel there are multiple issues at play here. Some of it can be read between the lines of the...

SCAR-17 Gets a Bad Rap and other Cliches

Perusing some of the bigger precision rifle shooting forums and you will detect a common thread among a wide variety of shooters: The SCAR-17...

ADCOR Super 16

ADCOR Defense’s new release for 2016 is the Super-16 A-556 Elite. It has a 14.5" barrel, but they’ve partnered with SilencerCo Suppressors and are...

A “Broom” For Brass

The first time I saw a device like the Ammo Up was at Gunsite Academy, but instead of being configured like a broom, it...

Interesting Stories Around The Web

Chevy Like a Rock Commercial - Parody

The New Chevy Commercial is Lit! 

This video was born out of a funny conversation Chris and I were having one day soon after this protestor story hit the national...
Not The Typical EDC Knives.

Not The Typical EDC Knives

Two of my most treasured gun-show finds.  It just so happens that I found them both on the same day at the same gun-show. In...
US Weapons in Afghanistan

The Guns We Left Behind


Pakistani Copy / Clone Beretta 92 M9 Pistol.

Pak Made Beretta 92

Here is a Pakistani made copy of the Beretta 92. Notice the markings.    Umar “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

SRO in Heavy Rain

I am not saying open emitter red dots are just as good as closed emitter. They are not. And it’s likely in 20 years,...
Blaser Tactical 2 Training Day 155g 308

Personal Training Day