Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Close Range Steel Testing: 308 Caliber.

So Freeze and I needed to test the High-Angled Target with something closer to worst case scenario: 308 / 7.62 NATO at 80 and then...

Armory Chat EP15 – Thanks For The Help

Some months ago I posted about needing a 223 barrel for my Blaser Tactical 2. To Read that CLICK HERE. Thanks to everyone who...

Military Surplus

Drill – Colt SP1 – VTAC 1-5

This vid is really more of a test than something standalone. We are picking out a place on the farm where we can easily...

SHS 15: 1822 St. Etienne Pistol

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we have something that is almost 200 years old. And by my estimates, probably still safe...

Rare Austro-Hungarian Army Training Video For Steyr-Hahn Pistol

Our resident historian recently found an old Austro-Hungarian Army training video on the manual of arms for the WWI Steyr Hammer pistol. AKA the...

Close Range Steel Testing: 308 Caliber.

So Freeze and I needed to test the High-Angled Target with something closer to worst case scenario: 308 / 7.62 NATO at 80 and then...


Benelli B76 Shock Test

Benelli B76 Shock Test

Ok…well…kinda. After 3 years we have sourced some OEM replacement grips for the Benelli B76. It seems look at many of these guns on...


Remington 40x

Mongo’s Spare Parts Rifle No. 2

So its 2010 and I’m lying around in a hospital bed in a LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) facility being bored out of my...

1911 Pistols

SHS 60: Les Baer 9mm Commander

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase, we are looking at a new gun. And I know that since the story is…customer ordered...

Blaser Rifles

GRS Chassis Adjustment

Adjusting GRS Stocks

Had an inquiry about how to adjust the GRS stocks and chassis. What the user needs to understand is the adjustments are not a...


Sporterizing Mausers

They’re bygone days now because you can buy a quality and accurate rifle like a Mossberg or Savage for a few hundred bucks, but...
Hinderer Knives - The Emmett

Eat Your Heart Out…2020

From Farm (John1911 range) To butcher block. To pot. To plate. To table.  Officer Mike www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Thompson Center Hawken

I was walking by my bar the other day and I looked up and noticed a little rust near the Lock on a T/C...
Weatherby rifles

The Guns Not Taken

Editor’s note: Doc was supposed to be in Africa on Safari right now. But COVID round two was playing havoc on his logistics plan...


The John1911 Podcast

EP-318: Where Have We Been?

Episode 318 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   The State of The John1911 Business. USAMU solicits 6.8 match ammo. Knights Armament wins UK...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-317: Murder Elf Captured

Episode 317 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   CBP captures the Murder Elf. Lauren Boebert acting the fool. Just stop it. Michelle Obama...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-316: Boobalicious For Congress

Episode 316 of the John1911 podcast:   LPVO for hunting. Major Armory updates. Buy estate guns. Liberty Safe boycot? Nancy Pelosi Wants to Run Again. ...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-315: Gun Smuggler Pops Herself

Episode 315 of the John1911 podcast is now live.    How sponsorship doesn't work. Doc is in Africa. Political rhetoric gets turned to 11. Oliver...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-314: He Ain’t Got No Hands!!!!

Episode 314   IL bans AR-15's again? Trump never going to trial? The wild flower plan. Australia discovers US pickups. He ain't go no hands!!!! ...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-313: Hello Swede Cheeks

Episode 313 of the John1911 podcast:   Swede Sniper Joke. Mailing List updates. Getting fired for a social media like? Armed Fisherman in Florida. Wilson...


Oliver Anthony Observations

Oliver Anthony Observations

I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE REACTION TO Oliver Anthony & His Blue-Collar Political Anthem, “Rich Men North Of Richmond” MOST OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAVE...
Shameful Men

Shameful Men

What kind of man, a father even, sits there and lets people attack his wife and daughters? Look closely. He is sitting right there!...

Industry news

FAMAS Translation — Every Single One

There have been rumors floating around for a few weeks that the French Military had chosen the HK416 (piston AR) over the FN SCAR-16...
Keepers Concealment Cracked Holster. The Keeper. AIWB holster cracked. Broken holster.

Cracked Keepers Concealment Holster…Again

So…while getting changed to work out I took off my AIWB rig and set it on the bathroom counter.  It’s only then when the light...
FAMAS Rifle Auction Price Record.

New FAMAS Auction Price Record

Special thanks to John G. For bringing this to my attention. Without him, I would have completely missed this auction.  Last night, on Gunbroker, a...

Shorty Shotguns

These shorty shotguns have been making a comeback since the 2017 SHOT show. At least in force since then. They were quite popular in...

Interesting Stories Around The Web

Chevy Like a Rock Commercial - Parody

The New Chevy Commercial is Lit! 

This video was born out of a funny conversation Chris and I were having one day soon after this protestor story hit the national...
Not The Typical EDC Knives.

Not The Typical EDC Knives

Two of my most treasured gun-show finds.  It just so happens that I found them both on the same day at the same gun-show. In...
US Weapons in Afghanistan

The Guns We Left Behind


Manurhin MR88 38 Caliber Revolver.

POTD – Manurhin MR88

Centerfire Systems in Kentucky sent out an e-mail this week blowing out their Manurhin MR88 revolvers. For those not familiar, the MR88 is a...

POTD – Glock 21 Cutaway

I took this photo at the Cody Firearms Museum a while back. Who doesn’t have an affinity for cut-away guns?   Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”
EDC X9L. B8 Target.

B8 Targets

Porsche 911 Ammo Pickup.

Porsche Ammo Pickup