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POTD: My Retired 1911

Ed Brown 1911 Old Work Gun.
POTD: Ed Brown 1911 Old Work Gun.

POTD: Picture of the Day. It’s been a while since this old gun of mine has seen some sunlight. It’s my old 1911 I carried daily for 12 years. I know this gun. I trust this gun. And if this gun could talk, it would rat me out on all my good stories. It has been refinished. The current refinish ┬áto round count ratio is just over 8000 rounds. According to my logs. In no way would I feel under gunned if I were to strap this on. But these days, we all carry “standard capacity” 9mm pistols. But it was fun to break it out last week for some informal shooting.

Ed Brown Executive Elite. 5″ Government Model. Blued finish.




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