Friday, March 24, 2023
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Strike Industries – Angled Vertical Grip

Strike Industries - Angled Vertical Grip
The sudden need for the AR project this summer has also brought into focus the need for more control of the gun. Looking at...

Hard Primer, Hard Stop

Hard Primer, Hard Stop Shoot enough it happens. Hard primer. Don’t see them often. Actually don’t see malfunctions ever with the X9L outside of ammo...

Gun Range Tree Work

Clearing Trees of the John1911 Gun Range
Ya’ll hear me complain about trees on the John1911 range. All these trees shown here are from one single storm that blew through.    Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns...

J8F1 Scope Container Box

J8F1 Scope Case
As some of you might recall, the John1911 Armory is on the list for a new production J8F1 scope for our French Army Sniper...

Geissele Super 42 H2 Buffer Test

Geissele Super 42 H@ Buffer Test
OK. So it’s time to test and see of this integrally suppressed upper is over gassed. This is with the H2 buffer and it...

Clearing Out The Shooting Shelter

Pulling up barbed Wire Fence with Massey Ferguson 4707 Tractor
One of the criticisms that was leveled about our main covered shooting position is too many bugs. In particular ticks. Actually it’s fair to...

The Value of Shot Timers

The Value of Shot Timers.
This is a screen grab from a shooting session yesterday. One, I am really digging this Shooter’s Global timer. I was able to scroll...

1911 Drill – Basic Plate Rack – 6 Yards

A 1911 drill that works for double stacks and single stack 1911s. Basic plate rack.  From the draw (Concealed, AIWB, whatever. You do you). ...

Cat Crap Anyone?

Cat Crap Lens Cleaner & Defogger
Any readers have any experience or feedback with Cat Crap lens cleaner & defogger? Picked this up a little while ago but have been...

How to Measure Barrel Length

How to measure firearm barrel length.
How to Measure Barrel Length Multiple versions of this question came up after we were helping a foreign Blaser owner figure out a question regarding...

Retiring My Range Hat

Holland & Holland Baseball hat. Baseball Cap.
Think it’s safe to say my OG Holland & Holland range hat is done for. No way it survives anymore washings. Fun fact, the...

2023 National Farm Machinery Show

2023 National Farm Equipment Show
Since we now have a tractor for range maintenance, it made sense to swing down to Louisville, only a few hours away, to get...

GRS Ragnarok Forend

GRS Ragnarok Chassis forend length
GRS Ragnarok Forend This video is the direct result of someone asking how long the forend is on the GRS Ragnarok chassis. In chatting with...

Geissele Super 42 Buffer Upgrade

Geissele Super 42 Buffer
Been A LOT of workbench posts lately, but maintaining and completing projects necessitates that.  The Gemtech Integra upper has shown some signs of being under-sprung....

Shiloh Sharps Shooting Block

Foam Shooting Block
While shooting the Sharps rifle for the first time, not having an appropriate set of sticks or rest for this rifle really became an...