Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Last of the Coffee Mugs

Customer pic of his new John1911 Coffee Travel Tumbler.
So the new store operations have been humming along quite swimmingly. At least from the customer end. Had some minor inside-baseball level blips to...

Refreshed Main Shooting Position

Refreshed Main Shooting Position.
Well..I can’t spend months buying equipment and putting in work to not show some of the results. Here is the refreshed and reorganized Main...

Suppressor Life – Seized Threads

Silencerco Harvester 30 Seized Threaded Insert
One issue folks who are not in the suppressor game sometimes miss is the issue of seized / fouled threads. Suppressors have a tendency...

Stevens 22-410 Extractor Repair

Stevens 22-410 Extractor Repair
Some up close pictures fixing the extractor on our Stevens 22-410. After disassembling the system and cleaning it up, it became obvious the issue...

1911 Supplies Box

A few months ago a staff member ran across a reconditioned WWII explosives crate. These were being blown out for just a couple of...

John1911 Store Is Open!!!

John1911 RTIC Coffee Travel Mug
Update 11-24-22: The John1911 store is open. As discussed earlier, we are starting small with some coffee mugs. Click the “store” button in the...

Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrels

Blaser Tactical 2 Aftermarket Barrel
I hinted around about this on social media and now it’s official. We are T&E’ing some Blaser Tactical 2 barrels from J. Sip &...

Wilson Armor-Tuff Finish – My Experience

A reader writes: Have you had much experience with using Wilson’s Armor-Tuff finish? From reading their website descriptions, it would appear it has better corrosion...

Video Short – This is Bullshit

All the interwebs say we need to make more Tik-Tok like videos.’s this little ditty doing ya? Professional note: This is a joke and...

Cobray Re-Spring Test

Cobray M11 Function Test
Cobray M-11 Function Test 2 OK. So after a spring and buffer rebuild, it’s time to function test this gun; so we can box it...

Wilson eXperior Commander Double Stack

Wilson rolled these out a few months ago and I thought it was worth featuring here. And here’s why. If you like the double stack...

Stevens 22-410 Extractor Repair Test

Stevens 22-410 Extractor Repair Test
Stevens 22-410 update. The extractor was keeping the gun from closing. Turns out a set screw had backed out and was allowing the extractor...

1844 Cavalry Carbine

1844 Cavalry Carbine.
Ran into this at Shooter’s Supply Shop (Loveland, OH). While it’s not really in my wheelhouse, I can’t help but think when will be...

POTD – SIG 226 SAO Legion

SIG 226 SAO.
While walking through a Cabela’s Firearm Library I ran into a gun I have always been curious about. The SIG 226 SAO model. In...

Ryobi Grease Gun

Ryobi Grease Gun
So you knew this was coming. Big new range tractor needs new grease gun. Looking at the market, there are lots of battery powered...