Sunday, September 26, 2021
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POTD – 50BMG Magazine

Rifle qualifications.
POTD - 50BMG Magazine At some point I am going to have to talk about the 50 we had on site. Probably not for a...

Blaser Releases 10rd Mag

Blaser R8 Ultimate X - 10 Round Magazine.
Started to see grumblings about this last night and today it dropped. Blaser has released a 10 round, detached, magazine design for their R8...

M&P Shield Plus

M&P Shield 9 Plus review.
Doc has picked up a new CCW pocket rocket: The M&P Shield Plus 9mm. It has a capacity of 13+1, but doesn’t seem fat...

SRO Battery Died

Red Dot Battery Died I didn’t realize I had gone quite so long with the current battery in the SRO. While at the range, I...

Old Man Runs Box Drill

Pistol Box Drill
It’s 97 degrees and every time I run, the damn PACT timer falls off! So even though there is not timer, at least I...

POTD – Cleaning Beretta 92x Performance

POTD - Beretta 92X
It’s fun to shoot ‘em. But ya gots to clean them. At least if you are going to check them back into the armory....

B8 Targets

Sometimes you just need a B8.        Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Rocker Mag Practice 

Reload Practice
After spending 3 decades of my life reloading squarish, AR-15 magazines, I need to re-train my pea-sized brain to rock in the SIG 551...

POTD – S&W Model 60-15

S&W Model 60-15
POTD - S&W Model 60-15 Not a dyed-in-the-wool revolver guy, but I do keep tabs on interesting wheel guns when given the opportunity. Which is...

Making the Most of Bad Ammo

Just like many of you, we sometimes get hosed on purchases. During the height of the pandemic, we came into a single 1000 round...

POTD – 7 Hours of Bush Hogging

Brush Hog John1911 Gun Range
The bad news is I have been bush hogging for 7 hours. The good news is the bush hog actually ran for 7 hours!...

FAL Cleaning 

FN FAL 556
When cleaning the FAL, I usually separate the upper from the lower. For me, it makes managing the bench much easier when swabbing the...

GRS Bipod – It’s Not Small

GRS Rifle Stocks Bipod
So…the question or concern I have about all underslung bipods is, “It is too small?”. And the answer to that is, no! You see, I...

SIG 551 Aftermarket Trigger Up-Close

SIG 550 Aftermarket Trigger
By viewer request, here are up close images of the SIG 551 aftermarket trigger. No, it’s not a drop-in cartridge like some of the...

Weird Bayonet Markings

Bayonet Markings
This bayonet was spotted at our local FFL and I thought the conversation was worth sharing here.  Notice the notches in the handle? Interesting. Does...