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1902 Remington #9 Shotgun

Remington 1902 No 9 Shotgun.
Remington 1902 No 9 Shotgun.

Picked this up from Shooter’s Supply after noticing some unique features not found on many modern shotguns. Firstly, it is a single action break-top, but is only cocked (or de-cocked) by the user actuating a lever on the left side of the receiver. 

The second feature is the #9 is a takedown. 

So between different and unique manual of arms, and my love of breakdowns, this one was coming home with us. 

It appears the ejector is not working. Considering the age of the gun, my money is it’s just fouled and has never been properly cleaned. Not an uncommon data point go keep in one’s back pocket when negotiating at the counter. 






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