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Early Design SLS Holster

Early Design SLS Holster
Early Design SLS Holster For Smith & Wesson 4506. Smith & Wesson 1006

One of the downsides to collecting old Smith hammer guns is the lack of modern holster support.  For EDC, Don Hume is a good source for leather.  Duty style holsters can be a bit more problematic.  I am lucky in that I have some excellent condition Safariland 070 holsters.  

I recently came across some police trade in SLS holsters for the big 4506/1006 series pistols.  For 15 bucks, I took a chance.  These are definitely used but still quite serviceable.  These are earlier designs and the SLS lever is augmented by a locking thumb tab.  After playing with the tension a bit, I find it is quite serviceable still.





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