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The Kraken
Kraken is a Navy veteran who worked in Weapons Division in the 80s. He has a background in civilian law enforcement and corrections. His interests include hunting, fishing, pistol and long range precision shooting, bbq, racing, and current events.

Early Design SLS Holster

Early Design SLS Holster
One of the downsides to collecting old Smith hammer guns is the lack of modern holster support.  For EDC, Don Hume is a good...

Deer Season “Hushaboom” 

7.62x39 Hunting Loads
Norma once fired brass, Winchester large rifle primers, a healthy dose of Accurate 1680 powder under a Hornady .310 123gr interlock. 7.62x39.   Kraken www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns &...

Stolen Glock Recovered

Stolen Glock Recovered
Got Lucky! Five or six years ago I had a almost brand new Glock G45 stolen from me. Luckily I keep a record in what...


Olight Warrior X4
One thing is for sure on gun forums and Meta gun pages, bring up red dot sights and or flashlights and you are likely...


Kraken’s 9mm PCC made by PSA.
I recently acquired a PSA 9mm lower and later ordered a 9mm 10.5 inch upper.  This is the second PSA 9mm PCC I have...

AIWB – Kraken Tests The Waters

Smith & Wesson Pro Series 442
Kraken recently picked up a used S&W 442 Pro J-Frame. Stuffed it in a Binachi Pro 100 holster. Then shoved it down the front...

Spring Walleye 2024

2024 Spring Walleye
I went to Calamus Reservoir in Nebraska last week to fish for walleye and catfish. The weather had not cooperated so catfishing was a...

Smith & Wesson Gen 3 Reliability

S&W 4506-1 Reliability
Kraken demos his 4506-1 eating empty cases from slide lock. Back in the day, something like this was a public relations selling point. Why?...

The S&W 5906 vs the 5903

Smith & Wesson 5903 vs the 5906
Some of my Smith collection. A model 5906 and the little less common 5903. And the differences between the two.      Kraken www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

NFA Wait Times 2024 Confirmed

NFA Wait Times 2024
We have all heard the stories and John1911 has confirmed it is true. At least for now. NFA wait times are now very short....

Browning BPS 10 Gauge

Browning BPS 10 Gauge
With turkey season right around the corner, I picked up a Browning BPS 10 gauge.  Until the advent of the 3.5 inch 12 gauge,...

A Unique Weekend

Shotgun Goof’n.
A couple of weeks ago I learned that I would be in southern Ohio on business.  After talking to Marky, he graciously invited me...

Old School Carry

Old School Carry.
I needed a new carry holster for my Model 19.  I do not like kydex for revolvers and a lot of the old school...

Smith & Wesson Model 19-3

Smith & Wesson Model 19-3
I recently picked up a nice Smith model 19-3. The dash three version was manufactured from 1967-1977 give or take a few months. It...

A Frankengun Build?

FrankenGun AR-15
Opinions vary on “builds”. Most ARs that are “builds” are not what I consider a build. Slapping a lower parts kit in a stripped...