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Kraken is a Navy veteran who worked in Weapons Division in the 80s. He has a background in civilian law enforcement and corrections. His interests include hunting, fishing, pistol and long range precision shooting, bbq, racing, and current events.

Kraken’s Dogs

Kraken’s Dogs
Are you a dog or a cat person?  It is an easy answer for me since I am allergic to cats. I don’t mean...

2023 Nebraska Buck

2023 Nebraska Buck
I have been down three weeks with respiratory infections. I finally got out yesterday. Packed cough syrup, coffee, water, sandwiches, and decided I was...

Kraken Buys a Wilson X9 4 Inch

I was in Omaha about two weeks ago and stumbled across a Wilson Combat X9 4 inch.  It was the first one I had...

Beretta 92x Pickup

Beretta 92x
In my travels, I recently stumbled into a Beretta 92X that was priced as such, I couldn’t get away from it. I had briefly...

Bought a SIG 229

Bought a SIG 229 40S&W
After busting Marky’s balls about 40 Smith and Wesson, I now have to eat some crow. To be clear, I really do not have...

Galco 5906 Holster

Galco 5906 Holster
As everybody knows I have a weakness for 80’s and 90’s duty guns.  They pop up in various places.  This particular Smith 5906 was...

Sig Sauer M17

SIG Sauer M17 Pistol
I acquired a P320 M17 last fall and being 100% honest, it kind of got back burnered and has been sitting awhile.  Depending on...

Mossberg 590 Forearm

Mossberg 590 Shotgun Streamlight Forend.
Just a warning, I am going to be in semi rant mode.  I love pump guns for defensive shotguns and consider the 590 one...

SCAR 20S Ready For The Range

SCAR-20S Ready For Load Testing.
SCAR 20S Ready For The Range The SCAR is now wearing a Vortex Viper PST.  I finally got some suitable rings in.  Living outside of...

300 Win Mag Brass

300 Win Mag Brass Cleaning
There are 280 three hundred Win Mag brass that are de-primed and ready for a date with the FART (Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler).  Once...

Chief’s Special

Model 60 Chief’s Special
This is a Smith and Wesson Model 60 Chiefs Special. This one is a no dash model, meaning it is a first run model...

Not The Typical EDC Knives

Not The Typical EDC Knives.
Two of my most treasured gun-show finds.  It just so happens that I found them both on the same day at the same gun-show. In...

More Primer Production?

Fiocchi primers
It is not a newsflash for anybody that reloads that primers have been nonexistent to scarce in most regions.  Late in 2019, inventories decreased...

New – Old Stock Grips – Pachmayr

Smith & Wesson 469. NOS Pachmayr Grips.
This a Smith and Wesson 469 I acquired awhile back.  Back in the day, Pachmayr grips were quite the upgrade for a duty pistol.  These...

The Ed Brown Gets It’s Eyes

Ed Brown A3 Tactical Rifle
Sometimes a simple project turns into quite the conundrum.  This was the case with mounting the new Zeiss LRP S3 to the EB A3...