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Olight Warrior X4
Olight Warrior X4

One thing is for sure on gun forums and Meta gun pages, bring up red dot sights and or flashlights and you are likely to trigger a major dick measuring contest.  Olight will trigger this before you can hit “enter”.  I have a friend who is a police officer and SWAT team member for a large dept.  One of his duties is to do a lot of T&E for the dept which is quite liberal in what is allowed to be carried by individual officers.  Officer J runs a lot of Olight gear and gets some pretty good deals, which he passes on to me.

I recently acquired a Olight Warrior X4, rechargeable flashlight.  On max setting it is capable of 2600 lumens.  It is activated via a tail cap pressure switch with two brightness settings.  It is recharged via a C type charge cord and the charging port is protected by a screw down cover.  Overall the light has a nice heft to it and is very grippy.  It comes with a duty belt style carrier that has a very tactile feel when snapped into place.  I have $130.00 in it with some other Olight goodies added courtesy of Officer J.  First impressions are very positive!




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