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SIG SAUER Accident Judgement

SIG Sauer P320 accident Judgement
SIG Sauer P320 accident Judgement. 2.5 million dollars.

New Hampshire Public Radio is reporting that SIG Sauer has lost a P320 court case. The top line info is a SIG P320 discharged when a user was attempting to draw the gun out of his holster. 

The plaintiff, Robert Lang, successfully argued that the P320 is defective and the weapon discharged un-commanded, injuring him in the leg. The jury trial awarded Mr. Lang 2.3 million in damages. 

At the time of this writing, SIG plans to appeal the decision. So if you think this is near over, or Michael Lang is about to get paid, neither is true. 

SIG Sauer P320 accident Judgement
New Hampshire Public radio with the story.

I am aware of a number of these types of suits working their way trough the legal system against SIG. Some of the facts in those cases are quite compelling. At least on their face. 

As for the particulars in this case, I am not quite sure. Unknown to me if there was video of the incident. But there were multiple witnesses. Additionally it was testified in the court that Lang is an experienced shooter / gun handler. How they proved that, we don’t know. 

Where to go from here? 

SIG Sauer P320 accident Judgement
Standard SIG P320. No external safety format.

For us it’s simple. While we are not afraid of or against the SIG P320, we low-key stopped recommending the gun a few years ago. No problem if you have one. Or if your PD runs one. But if directly asked, our position is why even deal with this drama until all the facts come to light. It’s a wait and see approach. 

And for those who are going to ask: if you must carry a P320 and are given an option; go with the one equipped with a frame mounted safety and run it like a 1911. I.e. the M17 or M18. 

H/T to Joesph R. for the heads up on the ruling. 






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