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Kraken’s 9mm PCC made by PSA.
PSA 9mm PCC SBR’ed

I recently acquired a PSA 9mm lower and later ordered a 9mm 10.5 inch upper.  This is the second PSA 9mm PCC I have owned and was actually fairly surprised with the first one.  I do not usually have high expectations out of what I call budget brands but the first one ate about 2500 rounds of whatever I fed it with practically zero issues.

Kraken’s 9mm PCC made by PSA.
PSA 9mm PCC SBR’ed

With the fast tax stamp turn around times, I went ahead and SBRed it.  The barrel has a flash can on it but my next suppressor will be matched up with this gun.  For now I have a Sig RDS on it and for the money, have had no issues with these on several different guns.  Maybe the sleeper of this entire platform are the cheap KCI 32 round magazines I run.  These can be readily found in the 12-15 dollar range.  Other than being difficult to thumb load after about 20 rounds, I have not had any issues.

The one downside to this PSA is there is no bolt hold open option on an empty mag.  This requires some dedicated practice on reloads. With my first one, I shot a lot of three round El Presidente drills.  It does not take long to get used to cycling the action with the charging handle vs just dropping the bolt from the release latch.  

Kraken’s 9mm PCC made by PSA.
We all like nice guns. But too many folks like to spend money on gear, not on training or skill building.

At the end of the day, it is a budget firearm.  I have run quite a bit of PSA products with good results.  These are not guns for the high speed, shoot n loot operator.  Once I get enough rounds through it to have confidence in it, I will mount a light, gas it up with 147gr Sig Vcrowns, and it will likely be a two purpose gun.  The main use will be carbine drills on steel.  A 9mm on steel at 25 yards is much safer than 5.56 at 25 yards.  This makes it extremely convenient since my pistol range is in my front yard.  Secondary purpose is home defense once I work up a load that it likes.  At the end of the day, most people do not need a $3,000.00 AR.  Most would be well served with a $700.00 AR and $2300.00 in training.  





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