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New Vault Room 1 Construction

Vault room 1 buildout.
New Vault Room 1 Construction So…we have begun setting up vault room 1 (of 3). This is one wall of 4 that will be racked...


FN FNC Rifle
With all the hubbub at SHOT about pending imports of FNC rifles from Indonesia, people have been asking if we will buy an FNC.  Well…we...

Adams Revolver (MKIII)

Adams Revolver. British MK III
Saw this over at Shooters Supply. An Adams Revolver also known as the British Army MKIII.  Introduced in 1878, this is the gun you would...

POTD – Kraken’s X9

So Kraken came through town and spent some time on the John1911 range. Unfortunately it was bitterly cold (3-5 degrees) and we are crippled...

The Daniel H9 Pistol

Daniel H9 Pistol
It appears AR maker Daniel Defense has released a re-pop of the Hudson H9 pistol. I believe the concept is identical but internally the...

LAW-12 Manual of Arms

LAW-12 Shotgun
So the subject of the Franchi LAW-12 shotgun came up recently. With all the attention being paid to shotguns lately…because of Beretta’s offerings, some...

Winning vs Being Right

Winning vs Being Right.
Apparently the dropping-slide thing is ping-ponging around the internet again. Don’t intentionally drop the slide on empty chamber 1911s. Don’t do it intentionally on...

2nd Annual Cold Start Competition

Massey Ferguson 4707
So for this year’s Cold Start Competition, we are at 12 degrees with the overnight low being down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The tractor...

TMAG – Magpul’s Translucent Magazine

TMAG - Translucent AR-15 Magazine by Magpul.
TMAG - Magpul’s Translucent Magazine Looks like Magpul is releasing a translucent AR mag. They must be feeling that Lancer heat. It’ll be interesting to...

Shooting a Rare Revolver

S&W No-Dash 442 Nickel
Plinking around with a J-frame revolver. This one is a “no-dash”, Smith & Wesson Model 442. But the kicker is unlike most 442’s that...

Barn Construction Pics 2

Second Round of Barn Construction.
Well…it’s been another month in the building process so it’s time to give an update.  Right now, we have base gravel done, drains and water...

Plinking Around – The Mossberg 590

Plinking around - Mossberg 590 Shotgun.
The fact I haven’t shot this gun in some years is evident in my performance. Not that I was ever great feeding a pump...

POTD – Armory Undisclosed Location

POTD - Undisclosed armory location.
Thought some of you might find pics like this interesting. The John1911 Reference Collection is currently hiding at an “undisclosed location” a la Dick...

2311 Takedown Procedure

The long and short of it. With the 2311 being a 1911-style gun, how do you remove the ambidextrous slide-stop to take the gun...

Mossberg 590 On The Tailgate

Mossberg 590
Still running the Plinking Around series and broke out my trusty old Mossberg 590. While there is nothing special about a Mossberg, this is...