Friday, September 24, 2021
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1891 Carcano Rifle

Carcano rifle
Cleaning up some old business. In addition to the Vetterli rifle, we also picked up another 6.5 Carcano chambered rifle: The 1891 Carcano.  What makes...

GRS Bipod

Precision rifle subject update. I have decided to purchase a GRS bipod. Having never run an under-hang setup, I am very curious to see...

SIG 551a1 – Green Furniture 

Sig 551a1 Green Furniture
So we broke down and purchased all the Swiss Army green furniture for the US made SIG 551. Why? Simple. The black fore-end moves...

Why I Haven’t Bought – 1887 Shotgun

1887 Shotgun
Saw an 1887 shotgun in my local FFL recently. Wanted to buy it. But I didn’t want to pay the asking price. Why? It’s...

Shimming RDS Mount

Shimming RDS Mount.
While putting an Aimpoint on the SIG 551 rifle, I noticed the Scalarworks mount kept coming lose at the bench. After a number of...

Spot The Steel

Spot the steel on the rifle range.
So let me expand on this topic to illuminate points for the reader. The target is something that does not occur in nature. A...

Features I Want in a 1911

It’s a common question around here. Would I buy X gun? What do I think of Y gun? Is Z gun worth it? I can’t...

SIG 551: Swiss Bayonet Lug

SIG 55x Swiss Bayonet Lug
OK. I haven’t been keeping the website up to date on the SIG 551A1 work. Frankly I have been swamped with range maintenance and...

Purple Rain Mags

Purple Rain Lancer A5 Magazine.
Those of you who know me are aware that I am tired of black guns, black mags, black holsters, black everything. The world has...

1870/87/15 Vetterli Safe to Shoot?

Vetterli 1870/87/15
1870/87/15 Vetterli Safe to Shoot? The 6.5 Carcano converted Vetterli rifles. Are they safe to shoot? Do they have known headspace issues? Are there any...

High Standard 107 Military

High Standard 107 Military Supermatic Trophy
While at the gun shop yesterday doing some transfers. Yes, plural. I looked in the case and saw something I know some of you...

Porsche Ammo Pickup

Porsche 911 Ammo Pickup.
I don’t know what the weight restrictions are on the 911’s “frunk”, but I’m confident I could have purchased 5000 rounds of 9mm and...

SIG 551 SWAT Accessories

SIG 551 Surefire Fore end
In trying to spec out the SIG 551A1 that we have, I stumbled across some images of the LEO restricted, SIG 551 SWAT rifles....

The Pencil Trick

This is an old trick I have had in repertoire for more than 2 decades. The Pencil Trick.  In short, how do you confirm or...

SIG 551 Trigger Install Tips

SIG 550 Trigger Install
SIG 551 Trigger Install Tips The production quality of this video is quite poor. This is because it was made for internal consumption. We have...