Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Writer for Co-Host of the John1911 Podcast. Video content provider for John1911-TV. Areas of focus: Defense and National Security, Modern Light Weapons, Small Arms, Weapons Training.

Pole Saw Work

Cutting trails for Massey 4707
Part of the effort of introducing a large cabbed tractor is having to cut any offending branches on the existing trail system. Since most...

The Guns We Left Behind

US Weapons in Afghanistan
There have been a lot of bad feelings in the US post Afghanistan exit. Without getting into the pros & cons of that event,...

Springfield Goes 2011(tm)

Springfield Goes 2011(tm) So it leaked a few days ago. Springfield Armory has come out with a double stack 1911. What they brand as the...

Daewoo DP51 First Shots

Shooting the Daewoo DP51.
Just like the title says, apparently we have never fired the DP51. Function tested or anything. So…we needed to get this off the to-do...

New Tractor Arrives – Massey 4707

Massey 4707
Sorry for the delay in getting our content out on it’s normal schedule. But unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it;...

PSA – Bullet Spall

Bullet spall.
PSA - Bullet Spall While locking up the truck today, I happened to notice this piece of copper jacket on bed cover. This happened on...

POTD – Walther Creed

Walther Creed 9mm Pistol.
We had a visitor at The John1911 range yesterday. One of Doc’s relatives from New Jersey. He brought two guns with him, but this...

Scrome J8 — French Sniper Rifle Scopes

Scrome J8 Scope. Limited Run.
Scrome J8 — French Sniper Rifle Scopes So the numbers are in from Scrome for the French Sniper Rifle scopes. Also known as the J8...

A Decision Has Been Made 

Massey-Ferguson 4707
After a lot of shopping and looking around, we have decided to pickup a Massey-Ferguson 4707 tractor. This particular example as it’s configured weighs...

Replacement Trijicon O-Rings

Trijicon SRO replacement o-ring.
A little late on this. Trijicon sent over some replacement O-Rings for the SRO. As for why is pretty simple. The existing o-rings had...

Blaser Tactical 2 Forend Design

Blaser Tactical 2 stock design.
This comes up quite a bit. The question is why is the Blaser Tactical 2 stock shaped like that?  Well…the fully exposed barrel is to...

M47 Madsen Market Analysis

M47 Madsen - Thumb
This might be the first M47 Madsen I have ever seen for sale in person. Well…it wasn’t actually for sale. I tried to buy...

Brazilian Army Sniper – Blaser Tac2’s

Brazilian Army Blaser Tac2
Brazilian Army Sniper - Blaser Tac2’s Saw some cool pics of Brazilian Army snipers using their Blaser Tactical 2’s in a multinational service competition. Being...

Benelli B76 – First Shots

Benelli B76 Pistol 9mm
OK. First of all let me start with the acknowledgement of a possible mistake. The records we have on file don’t show this pistol...

POTD – Benelli B76

Benelli B76
Looked at the logs and it doesn’t seem like we have shot this pistol much (or possibly at all).  This is a Benelli B76 semi-auto...