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Tisas 1911 Accuracy Testing

Tisas 1911 Accuracy Testing. USGI 1911
Tisas 1911 Accuracy Testing. USGI 1911


After shooting the Tisas 1911a1, I was left with an impression that the sights are tracking left. Not low left. Just left. It shows up fairly consistently across 3-5-7-15-25 yards. Obviously at varying degrees of angle. 


The USGI 1911a1 sights, in-particular the front sight, present some challenges when compared to modern pistol sights. The main issue is the half-moon shape. The design cases two problems. Firstly, it doesn’t provide a crisp sight line under most lighting conditions. Second, it is small! As in S..M..ALL. Small. 

So what? Just deal with it, right? Here is the problem. Not only don’t you get a crisp sight image under most lighting conditions, tracking the sight under recoil is challenging. So finding the best cadence with the gun isn’t as intuitive as with modern 1911s. 


No. We are not going to change the sights. We bought this pistol so I could practice shooting crappy USGI sights. Most I might consider if painting the front sight. Otherwise, it will stay stock. Well…after I drift the rear a hair that is. 






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