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Wilson EDC X9 2.0

Wilson EDC X9 2.0
Wilson EDC X9 2.0

It appears Wilson Combat has released an update to the EDC X9 family. A grip panel version. 

But wait! Doesn’t the original EDC X9 have grip panels? Yes, it does. They are screw-less & dovetailed in the frame and require partial disassembly to remove. 

The 2.0 guns, as best I can tell, are based on the SFX9 (Solid Frame X-Frame) with the addition of a smaller grip panel that is screwed on. Much like the original 1911s. 

Why would they do that? 

Wilson EDC X9 2.0
Wilson EDC X9 2.0 Right side. Notice the grip panels.

I can tell you that for me, the SFX guns are just too small for my large-ish hands. So the ability to stick grip panels of various thickness and texture on the SF would be another way for the user to dial in his grip. And…he doesn’t need to partially disassemble the frame to to so. 

My analysis and thoughts.

Wilson EDC X9 2.0
Wilson EDC X9 2.0

The original X9 with screw-less panels was a target goal for Bill Wilson. He has said as much in the past. Bushings add thickness to the guns. And screws can walk loose. So the solution was, and still is, a good design. 

But as the X-frame has progressed, Wilson Combat was able to make the design even smaller by omitting grip panels all together.   This change while still using the X9 magazine, is different enough from the original X9 frame to necessitate different frame “runs” on the CNC machines. 

I’d bet money, the X9 2.0 frame and SFX9 frame are VERY similar from a machining standpoint. So much so that switching between the two is minimal. And the 2.0 grip panels are probably easier for VZ to make as well. 

I think the writing is on the wall for the original X9 grip panel design. Wilson wants to move away from it and the 2.0 screw on grip gives the 1911 traditionalists something they understand and are comfortable with. 

Will the original X9 go away completely? I doubt it. Those of us who bought that design basically made the success of the X frame what it is today. But….if Wilson Combat could relegate those frame runs to just a few times a year, that would probably help them make even more X9 frames faster. 

What are you thoughts? Am I on the mark in trying to read Wilson’s motivations, or completely wrong? 






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