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Tisas Raider Breaks at Zero Rounds

Tisas Raider 1911 breaks immediately.
Tisas Raider 1911 breaks immediately.

Well…we picked up one of the Tisas Raiders in 9mm. Looked like a fun clone gun. Especially for the price. And..it appears at that price, it immediately broke. 

Best I can tell is the 9mm variants of the Raider are plagued with the same hammer-follow issued that is the subject of the world wide Tisas recall a few weeks back. 

But their recall didn’t include 9mm 1911s. Or specifically the 9mm Raiders.  

For the record, 

-Zero rounds fired. 

-Dry fire only on our part. 

-No, we didn’t drop the slide on an empty chamber. 

-This example came from a mail order fulfillment and shows no signs of being a showroom, customer display item. 

No, we won’t fix the gun in house. The whole point of the price point is to keep these affordable and yet, decent clone copies. This is Tisas’ problem, not ours. 






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