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Condor – Golok Machete 

Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.
Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.

It’s not often I get to post anything knife related. So here goes. While the John1911 range has a tractor, chainsaws, power tools, weed-whackers, etc, etc, etc. One of, if not the first, tools I ever bought after securing the property was a cheap machete from a big-box hardware store. 

Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.
New Golok and the old cheapo machete.

That machete has lived most of it’s life in the bed of the Polaris General. Rain or shine. Heat or snow. And I shows. I also have never sharpened or serviced it since, to be frank, it’s just made out of sheet steel. 

Well while inside a Duluth Trading Company using up a Christmas party, gift card; I saw these Golok machetes were 25% off. Hmmmm…

Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.
The front of the blade.

Having never owned a “nice” machete I was curious. For starters,  my original mass produced machete is about worn out. So I either need to sharpen it or replace it. In that vein I could kinda justify window shopping at the very least.

Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.
How thick the blade is.

Additionally I have decided with the new barn setup at the range, we are going to have a permeant sharpening station to keep things edged: clippers, chainsaw blades, axes, knives, etc. Anyone who has ever managed large properties will understand the need. 

Condor Tool & Knife: Never heard of them. The Golok brand of machete: Nada. I have zero idea. But what I can tell you is I like the handle. The ball at the end would help prevent the machete from sliding out of my hand. 

Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.
I suspect this handle design makes this knife pretty safe from flying out of the user’s hand.

The blade seems thick when compared to the previous stamped machete, but I guess the profile is such this big knife doesn’t feel heavy at all. 

Condor Knife & Tool - Golok Machete.
I think this leather scabbard is going to hold water and ultimately be a problem.

How does it work? I have no idea. Just bought it. So this isn’t a review. But if I were to guess, that big leather holster is probably going to be a water magnet and isn’t practical for anyone who actually uses a machete. 

But what do I know? 






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