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Barn Construction 5 – Final

Range Barn Construction 5 - Final
A good view of the pine wood walls.

As many of you have noticed, our content posting scheduled has slowed down over the past week. As expected, this is because we are in the home stretch of the Range Barn construction. 

So with that out of the way, this will be the last post on this subject. I don’t see much benefit for the reader on details beyond this. Dropping in equipment, sealing floors, installing IT infrastructure, etc, etc, etc. After all, we are a firearms focused business, not Architectural Digest. 

Attached are some images of finishes from the living quarters. Aka “Quarters”. Details beyond this will just have to be seen in the background of video and podcast content produced on property. 

Range Barn Construction 5 - Final
Door to the “garage”. Aka the tractor house.






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