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Trijicon SRO Battery Tool

Trijicon SRO Battery
OK…so let’s get the first thing out of the way: yes, I need to clean my gun.  Now that we have dispensed with the pleasantries,...

S&W 351 Pickup

Smith & Wesson 351 22mag Revolver. J-Frame
Yeah, the Smith & Wesson 351 that we ran across in a used gun counter. I bought it. How often do I get a...

Ed Brown A3 Tactical – First Shots

Ed Brown A3 Tactical Rifle. 300WM. 704 Action.
Kraken and I took his new Ed Brown rifle out to get a rough zero. The gun shoots pretty well. Especially with crappy hunting...

Coyote Door – First Look

Coyote Door - Hunting
Thought some of you would find this interesting. Here are the first pics of the “Coyote Door”. An indoor, environmentally controlled, shooting position that...

Ed Brown A3 Tactical – Overview

Ed Brown A3 Tactical
Kraken drove in from Nebraska and brought one of his latest acquisitions: An Ed Brown A3 Tactical chambered in 300wm. This  rifle uses Ed...

POTD – Colt SP1

POTD - Colt SP1
Our Colt SP1 with period correct-ish 30 round mag. It’s cool these 20” guns have come back into vogue. Even though this rife is...

Barn Construction Pics 3

Range Barn Construction update 3.
Barn Construction Pics 3 Ok. Just under a month since the last update we posted. By the end of this, we are under roof, windows...

Not Buying The New SG Shot Timer

Shooters Global - SG Global Timer.
Those of us who run the original SG Shot timer are aware of it’s one weakness: The beep speaker isn’t as loud as it...

Going Down In Flames – Bump Stock Case

Legal Analysis - Garland V Cargill SCOTUS Hearing.
Attached is the audio for the oral arguments before the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in the Garland v Cargill case. Aka The Bump Stock...

Scrome J8 Scopes Have Landed

Scrome J8 Scope.
Reports are coming in that the new production run of Scrome J8 scopes for the French F2F2 snipers rifles have landed in the US.  How...

Market Report – Glock 17L

Market Report - Glock 17L
I remember these guns when they came out. As a matter of fact, I had a buddy who, “got a deal on one” only...

Glock Factory Cutaway

Glock 17 Factory Cutaway
So back in 2019 is the last time I laid eyes on a factory cutaway Glock. It was at the Cody Firearms Museum, behind...

FNC Bois In Ukraine

FNC Bois in Ukraine.
An Ode to the FNC. “Living my best life,  Running with the Bois, Rolling deep with that FNC HEAT, Should I come out the other side, I have become,  An...

Long Term Review – Wilson X9 Mags

A question came in that stirred up a whole mess of head scratching around here, “Are the Wilson X9 15 round mags more reliable...

Commentary – People who HATE Glocks

Commentary - People who hate Glocks.
Over the years I have noticed certain patterns in the gun community. Some might even call them tells. Here is a common one that...