Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Writer for Co-Host of the John1911 Podcast. Video content provider for John1911-TV. Areas of focus: Defense and National Security, Modern Light Weapons, Small Arms, Weapons Training.

Gemtech Integra Coming Back

Gemtech Integra 556
This project has languished for 3 years. The Gemtech Integra upper. Well it’s time to move it up and get it running right. So...

POTD – S&W Model 10 – Stand Test

POTD - S&W Model 10 revolver
We bought a whole pile of rifle and pistol stands for the video guys. Just playing with them to see how it all works.      Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting...

The Argument For Short Mags

10 Round PMAG
The Argument For Short Mags Well…at least one. This was a habit I picked up from SWATsnipers some years ago. Even when they are not...

POTD – Stay Away From My Tractor

Stay Away From My Tractor Bumper Sticker.
POTD - Stay Away From My Tractor A thoughtful, remarkably on-brand gift for the John1911 Armory.  It produced quite a lot of giggles.      Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having...

Video Short – SIG 551a1

Video Short - SIG 551a1
Video Short - SIG 551a1 A video short of shooting the SIG 551a1 rifle.          Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

PSA- Broken Blaser Firing Pins

Dry Firing a Blaser Rifle
While I have addressed this subject on our website over the years, it has occurred to me I haven’t made a video specific to...

Scrome – J8F1 Scope Manufacturing

New FRF2 Scopes
My contact over at Scrome was nice enough to send over some pics showing their progress on the J8F1 scope project. For those who...

Vickers Guide – Heckler & Koch – Vol 1

Vickers Guide - Heckler & Koch Vol 1
We don’t buy all the gun books out there. But when it happens, the tipping point is something that helps us reference information I...

Adjusting Steiner 5-25 Military Scope

Steiner 5-25 Military Scope Zero Adjustment.
This is a painful video to make and even more painful article to write. I have to present the issue in two ways: Scope...

Blaser Aftermarket Barrels – Nitride

Justin Sip Blaser Tac 2 Barrel
While messing with the J. Sip barrels in The Armory, something small happened that turned into a testing opportunity: the nitride finish.  As I write...

Does 45-70 Damage Our Steel Targets?

Shooting 45-70 at steel targets.
We had a message from someone who wanted to know who made our steel targets? The reason being he had heard 45-70 would punch...

Massey Ferguson 11 Degree Cold Start

Massey 4707 Tractor In The Snow.
Starting the John1911 range tractor (Massey Ferguson 4707) on Christmas Day to make sure it turns over. It sat through the 2022 Bomb Cyclone...

Might Drop The 50 Yard Zero

Might Drop The 50 Yard Zero - SIG 551a1
So while I was test shooting the SIG 551 truck gun, I kinda had a revelation about tac rifle zeros. I might drop the...

POTD – SIG 551A1 Group Check

SIG 551a1 Accuracy
So with this cold weather, I decided I needed to some zero checking / adjusting. The rifle is my current truck gun: SIG 551a1...

POTD – Experior 5” Full Size

POTD - Experior 5” Full Size Of the standard 1911s we down, this is still without a doubt the highest quality and most fulfilling one...