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Jim Hoag – Colt Series 70

Our friend Andy sent over some photos a custom 1911 from a different time. Notice the checkering all over the gun: done by hand....

PRS Barricade

PRS Barricade
Another project for the rifle range. A PRS barricade. The only difference between ours and the published plans is the lack of a takedown...

Fall Fashion Week – P38

Walther P38
Fall Fashion Week - P38 Last of the Fall Fashion Week series for 2021. Here we have a post war Walther P38 pistol. Every gun...

BlackJack Buffers, LLC – LAW-12 Shotgun

Franchi LAW-12
A reader named Van reached out recently looking for a replacement buffer for his Franchi Law-12 shotgun. At the time, it seems the SPAS-12...

Why I Don’t Like FLGR’s

My position on this isn’t a right vs wrong argument. Actually it’s not even an argument at all. This preference is more a reflection...

Fall Fashion Week – Bernardelli P.One

Bernardelli P-One
So it’s Fall Fashion Week again here at The Armory. Up today is an Italian Manufacture, Israeli Police surplus Bernardelli P.One pistol.      Sincerely,  Marky “Shooting Guns &...

Shooting Bench Construction

Rifle Range Shooting Bench
Shooting Bench Construction Ok. We have lived with the pallet based benches for long enough. Before the snow hits, I have decided it’s time to...

New Ammo Intake

155g 308 PPU Match. 6.5 Carcano Ammo.
The project list never seems to get smaller. Here are two examples. First, we needed some 6.5 Carcano ammo to function fire and shoot...

Citori Passes 1000 Rounds

Citori Breaks 1000 Rounds
Well…it has taken the better part of 20 years, but our “sporting gun” has finally passed the 1000 rounds fired mark.  Since I am not...

Accuracy International 50BMG

A few weeks ago I was able to share just a little video of the Accuracy International 50BMG bolt gun known as the AX...

1891 Carcano Bayonet Repair

Bent Bayonet Repair
Follow up on a video we did a few weeks ago. Putting together a correct 1891 Carcano rifle, so a bayonet was in order.  However…the...

POTD – Red Ryder BB Gun

BB Gun. Daisy BB gun
Confession Time. On Friday, we shut down early. Things were slow. So when nobody was around at the end of the day, I went...

Blaser R8 Extraction Issues

GP11 Negatives
So while out on the range, I had a complete failure of the gun to extract spent cases. Actually loaded cases as well.  After some...

Bernardelli & Walther Sight Work

Bernardelli P.One & Walther P-38
Pulled two reference guns out of the library to shoot them at the range. But being more of a performance focused shooter, I decided...

Threading 308 & 270wby Barrels

Threading Blaser R8 Barrels.
Some years ago, we purchased some Blaser factory barrels for the R8. These are semi-weight profile and in 308 and 270wby.  Since I am pretty...