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Zeiss LRP S3 Impresses

Zeiss LRP S3 4-25x50 Review
Zeiss LRP S3 4-25x50 Review

I realize this scope has been out for a while and all the “gun media” has moved on to new SKUs. But with that being said, I had a chance to shoot Kraken’s new Zeiss LRP S3 4-25×50 scope and I was super impressed. 

This thing is unbelievable, at least for my uses. The reticle offers super fine aiming points to shoot itty-bitty groups. But with the daylight visible illumination (both red & green), it is easily seen against dense, green background vegetation.  

The bottom of the magnification range is 4x, plenty low enough for engaging running targets for hunting. But is crank-able up to 25 power for long range shooting. And the aiming points don’t obscure the target!  

It does all of this with an eye-box that is crazy generous. The scope itself isn’t huge. All the adjustments are in MIL/MIL. Comes with a factory quick throw lever. And every middle setting between the illuminated reticle knob is “off”. With the middle setting between max red & max green being a place to instantly change reticle color on the fly with one click. 

Holy cow! Long range. Short range. Hunting. Sniping. Precision shooting. 22 rimfire or centerfire. This thing literally does it all! Just about every scope we buy going forward will be some version of the Zeiss LRP 4-25×50 







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